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Independence War

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Independence War

Atari / 1996-07-25


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Game Details

Set in 2268, Independence War lets the player assume the role of an up-and-coming Commonwealth Navy officer caught in the middle of an interstellar skirmish. Colonists separated from Earth have assembled a fleet of commercial and mining ships and a few stolen military vessels. It's up to the player to take command of a 150-meter Dreadnought-class Corvette, quell the rebellion, and restore order.

Throughout the game's many levels, the player will need quick reflexes, a sharp eye, and strategic thinking to master the intricacies of piloting to defeat the enemy.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

During flight, type the following:

Then enter the following keys while depressing the LEFT-SHIFT key: 
K - Dock with ANY vessel
0 - Destroy targeted ship
S - Force next mission event
; - Freeze target
I - Invunerability
J - Jump to lagrange point
8 - Jump to target
9 - Match target's velocity
A - Superspeed
BACKSPACE - View previous movie
W - Win the mission





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