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Hot Wired

Xicat Interactive / 2001-06-21

Sports / Sports - Racing

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We all have a weakness, and yours is speed. You don't want to do it. But something takes control over what you are thinking, what you are feeling, and makes you do it. You do your best to stop it but you can't. All you want to do is to feel the wind in your hair, the steering wheel in your hands, and the police trying their best to catch and arrest you. You tell everybody that you are stealing the cars for the money, but you know better. It's not about the money; hell, it's not even about the car. It's about the speed, and every time you get behind the wheel you just want to go faster!

As a car thief you must steal a vehicle in each city for your boss. It won't be as easy as just hot-wiring a car, though; you have to bring the bad boy home. It'll take all your driving finesse to outwit the cops over 10stages of white-knuckle action. Make sure you bring the car back in one piece, too.... Buckle up, and strap in... it's gonna be a heck of a ride.


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