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Horse Isle

Unknown / 2007-01-01

Massively Multiplayer Online


Game Details

An online game that revolves around horses in a virtual world full of games and adventures and other real players.


Several different entertaining game activities:

* Capturing, training, and competing with your horses. These involve racing, jumping, dressage - all many-player games. Winning these events takes a combination of your horse's abilities, and your skill at the particular game.

* Completing mini-games throughout the world for fun and game money. Many are multiplayer also.

* Solving story-based quests and adventures by talking with characters in the game. There is a large variation of quests, from buried treasure, labyrinths, and painting, to simply returning someone's books!

* Buying and building up your very own ranch, making a piece of Horse Isle your very own!

* Naming and taking care of your horses. Finding them better tack, or even finding your horse a nice pet!

* Interacting with other players via chat, private chat, postal messages, actions, trading, competitive mini-games, and cooperative mini-games. Group activities include drawing rooms, music rooms, and poetry rooms!

* Searching the world for buried treasures, rare items, and hidden adventures.

* Trying to get the highest score or best times of many different tracked games.

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Reply #243

2011-07-21 00:00:00

1. There is cheats for horse isle.
2. If you do cheat, somehow, you will get reported and banned.
3. There are hints and guides, but not cheats!

BarebackDream ~Cremello~
Reply #242

2011-04-20 00:00:00

Search for horses on Desert Isle and Jungle. They almost always have great UT'd horses, which can be sold for a great amount of money.

Reply #241

2010-09-02 00:00:00

This is ridiculously hilarious. I read all sixteen pages and all I saw was people saying, "N00bs r dum" and other people saying, "Joe and Miranda rox my sox omgggggggg, btw, this is me from this server, (so if you guys lyk, totes wanna give me stufs fer my good behaviors, yayz!"

You guys suck.

Reply #240

2010-08-01 00:00:00

OKAY! Its time this got settled.We ALL have our own opinions and if you dont like the idea of cheats and hints THEN DONT COME HERE! Some people have the need to use cheats. Its their own business and its not helping if people who disagree with this come and bully those who want to use this engine. So just get over it!!!!!!

Reply #239

2010-07-30 00:00:00

When you buy a horse,don't sell him yet!Train him so that his stats are hight then,sell him for a good price!

Reply #238

2010-06-10 00:00:00

This only works on some computers but to walk really fast hold down the F7 key and you will walk super fast(must be riding horse)

Reply #237

2010-05-02 00:00:00

ok listen its obvious there is no actual code to enter that will magically give you $1,000,000 but there is a way to make that happen yourself. By forcing the game to your will using a simple program called "Cheat Engine" (google it) you can change the value from say $900 to $70000 and then in your horse isle screen it will say exactly that but you need to be able to use it so do the tutorial first :) (btw you cant get banned cause this doesnt break any rule)

Reply #236

2010-04-29 00:00:00

You guys are being completely immature.
I mean, look at it. If HorseIsle had 'money' and other cheats, wouldn't we have had them used by now?
Duh. They would have. There are no cheats

Get over it.

The only thing horseisle has is hints. Thats the only thing, HI is fair with it's gaming ways. You have to work to achieve what you want. Thats like life.

Therefore,gaming hints should not even be given to new players. LET them find their way to play. If
it's to the point where they absolutely cannot find it, THATS when you give them the dang help.

Reply #235

2010-03-25 00:00:00

* Horse Isle Workbook Treasure #1- This is something I learned about recently; I'm not sure how many treasures there are like this, but if you dig under the directions sign just south of Earton bank, you get $2,000 and 5 amethysts!
* Horse Isle Workbook Treasure #2- Dig in the spot just south of the fountain on Hoof Isle in Horseshoe Village. You get $3,000 and 5 topazes!
* Quest Treasure- Just south of Earton water fountain, you can dig. You earn rubies, money (I think), and 25 quest points! You can pay the guy at the FOOD store to tell you this information, so save money by telling your friends this!
* Statue Treasure- Directly around Jungle Isle statues can be treasure! Dig around the figure and you will get gems and sometimes money, too!

Mad Horseisle Player
Reply #234

2009-12-05 00:00:00

In jungle isle go to the ancient stones click on it and go to each side on your tool bar click dig one u get 10sml gems and 10 amethests another u get 10 topaz and 10 amethests antother u get 10 emeralds and 10 rubies and another u get 1 DIAMOND!!!


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