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Hitman 2- Silent Assassin

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Hitman 2- Silent Assassin

Eidos / 2002-09-24


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Game Details

Enter the realm of a retired assassin, forced back into action by treason. You may be a hired killer but you still have a sense of loyalty and justice. Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonor. And a past that catches up with you.

Trust no one - if the price is right, the finger of your most trusted ally will be on the trigger. Your targets may hide in the most remote areas of the planet, but their destruction is never prevented - only postponed.

Learn your trade - master your tools - overcome your obstacles - outsmart your enemies - eliminate your targets. Remember: rash decisions bleed consequences. Know when to strike instantly, know when to take your time. Chance favors the prepared. Failure is not an option.

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2010-12-26 00:00:00

ioiprince-prince of persia charecter

Reply #4

2008-04-06 00:00:00

Half of these stupid codes dont even work

Reply #3

2006-10-29 00:00:00

Please help i'm having trouble finding my directory file, someone please tell me were i might find it at.

Reply #2

2005-09-24 00:00:00

my request you are send hitman2 cheat think you

ashfaq ahmed
Reply #1

2005-01-14 00:00:00

i cant figure how to do tubeway torpedo i think you need to put hints and a cheat for that something that is not hard like the cheat for that i found make it easier or explanite simpler ok thanks ceya!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

In your Hitman 2 directory, open the file HITMAN2.INI with a text editor. 
Enable cheats by adding the following line at the very end: 

Enable Cheats:
Now save the file and start the game. During play, enter the following cheats 
by simply typing them in: 

IOIRULEZ - God mode
IOIGIVES - All weapons and items IOIEQPWEAP Full ammo
IOIHITLEIF - Max out health 
IOIER - Bomb mode 
IOISLO - Slomo mode 
IOIHITALI - Punch mode
IOILEPOW - Lethal charge mode 
IOIGRV - Toggle gravirty 
IOINGUN - Nailgun mode 
IOIPOWER - Mega-force mode

invisible 1 - Invisibility

god 1 - Invincibility

giveall - All weapons

IOIRULEZ Invincibility 
IOIGIVES Weapons & Ammo 
IOIHITLEIF Max out health 
IOIER Bomb Mode 
IOISLO Slo-Mo Mode 
IOILEPOW Lethal Charge Mode 
IOIGRV Gravitation 
IOINGUN Nailgun Mode 
IOIPOWER Mega-Force 





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