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Heroes Chronicles- Clash Of The Dragons

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Heroes Chronicles- Clash Of The Dragons

3DO / 2000-11-15

Strategy / Turn Based Strategy


Game Details

The Might and Magic role-playing series is almost as old as home computing itself. The Heroes Chronicles is a series of four story-driven strategy games set in the Might and Magic world and follows immortal hero Tarnum on separate adventures.

In Clash of the Dragons, Mutare, the dragon queen, has been using her black, red, rust, crystal, and azure dragons to terrorize the woodland Rampart towns and send their 11 armies into retreat. You'll play Tarnum, who rides to the rescue of the frightened elves and helps turn the tables on the evil Mutare.

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2013-01-30 23:02:28

Clash of the Dragons sounds like an action game full of hack-n-slash. Well, it doesnít turn out exactly as you imagined Ė there are battles, but card battles. Itís a Collectible Card Game mixed with small portion of role-playing. Travel across the map and get rid of AIs in the way, challenge other players in PvP and polish skills and decks.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

During gameplay press the TAB key (talk mode) then type in one of these codes:
Code Effect:
nwcredpil - Win game
nwcbluepill - Lose game
nwcneo - Advance in level
nwcmorpheus - Morale is Max
nwcfollowthewhiterabbit - Luck is Max
nwcnebuchadnezzar - No Move Restrictions
nwcwhatisthematrix - Show world map
nwcignoranceisbliss - Hides world map
nwcoracle - Show puzzle map
nwcphisherprice - Crazy Colors
nwcagents - Get 10 black knights
nwctrinity - Get 5 archangels
nwclotsofguns - Get all war machines
wczion - Get all buildings
nwcthereisnospoon - Get 999 Mana + *spells
nwctheconstruct - Get +100,000 gold And +100 of each resource




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