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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Electronic Arts / 2001-11-16

Action / Adventure

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Leave the nonmagical world behind and enroll in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry™ in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone™ for the PC. Be Harry Potter™, wizard-in-training, learning to master all things magical in a world filled with adventure, fun, and danger. Encounter breathtaking challenges and unforgettable characters from J.K. Rowling's worldwide bestseller.

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2008-07-09 00:00:00

Okay, I have a lot of things. Enter the following codes while playing. To enable Debug mode(which lets you access all levels from the main menu), type HarryDebugModeOn (F7 to turn it off), to restore full health, HarryGetsFullHealth, for a super jump, HarrySuperJump, for a big jump, HarryNormalJump, for 15 beans, HarryTriggerCheat, for invincibility, HarryKoresh, for invisibility, HarrySuperKoresh, for silent walking, HarryKorWalk, and to play as Ron or Snape, HarryWantMama (or Ugoringt).

Also, when in debug mode press ' (the apostrophy key, between semicolon and hash on a uk keyboard) to open a debug console. From here you can get and set lots of variables like the number of beans, stars, house points, etc.). For example:

Set BaseHarry numBeans 500 - Gives 500 beans
Set BaseHarry numHousePointsGryffindor 900 - Gives Gryffindor 900 points
Set BaseHarry iFireSeedCount 50 - Guess how many seeds you get?
Set BaseHarry numStars 50 - Ditto...

Also, you can use the same variable name with GET to fine a variable value. For example:

get BaseHarry numBeans

I was stuck with the magic potions near the end of the game (my eyes are getting old ) so try this after every bottle switch:

Set MagicPotionbottle bEmitParticles true - You can now see which potion to drink

You need to switch in and out of the debug console using the ESC key. There are other console commands:

GiveAllCards - Gives all wizard cards
Shot - Saves a bitmap of the screen you're on

The console gets in the way of the screen so you can also use a command line by pressing the TAB key whilst in debug mode and then type any of the above console commands.

Also, you can use F2, F3, F4, or F5 in debug mode. By hitting some of the other F buttons, you will get different features. (thanks: Michael Proctor)

See Fred and George's 'Experiments'
At 5 locations throughout the game, meet with Fred and George Weasley and give them 25 Bertie Botts. Not only do you get Wizard Cards, but you'll see their practical joke at the end of the game. (The locations are at the end of their challenge, when you're done fighting Peeves the first time(the exit), on the greenhouse grounds, if you proceed straight after the Lumos challenge, and after you escape Filch.

And, (as if this weren't enough info)here are a couple of hints. Disabling turtles
Hit a turtle with the first spell and he just stops. Hit him with a second spell and he will turn away. Hit him with a third spell and he will turn up-side-down. Hit him again, when he is up-side-down and he will be pushed away. Use this to push the turtles to places where they cannot hurt you anymore, such as in the water or any other place where you yourself would die.

Get Items
If you fly at the Hogwarts seal in broomstick training, it will open. You get 4 bertie botts, every flavour beans and a wizard card. (thanks Kadie)

Avoid Fighting
Avoid fighting Malfoy or Peeves. Right at the entrances where you have to fight Malfoy or Peeves enable the Harrysuperjump code. You will leave the room and then they will leave you alone.

Using Super Jump To Your Advantage On The Voldemort level
1. Hermione will lead you to the Face of Fire. Stand close to the edge of the top stair and type in harrysuperjump. You will jump to the other side without doing the Face of Fire.
2. Those stairs after the Face of Fire are tricky. You could fall down. Stand on the balcony part where you saw Quirrel and type in harrynormaljump. Jump there safely. Don't use Super Jump. It's too risky.
3. Quirrel will throw spells at you. Stand close to the balcony where he stands so he won't hit you. Type in harrysuperjump to get to him.

One last thing. If you want to have fun, when Fred and George are by the Greenhouse, bump them from behind. You'll try and run through them, get zapped instantly in front, and then George will freeze.


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