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Galactic Civilizations

Strategy First / 2003-03-25


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Game Details

The dawn of the 23rd century has seen mankind venture out of the confines of our own solar system thanks to a human scientist; he develops a revolutionary new engine that will allow space travel through the vast galaxies and beyond. Determining that any life form advanced enough to have joined the space race will be intelligent enough to have overcome the instincts for war; he transmits the designs for the engine, to all the other races. Whilst in contact with the various races throughout the dark depths of space the communication abruptly stops…

Galactic Civilizations is a strategy game set in space and begins where the story above ends. You are the leader of the human civilization in a galaxy with 6 ‘known’ major civilizations and the race is on to colonize, conquer, and dominate the galaxy using whatever means necessary.

Players can use military, technological, economic or political might to become a major power in the galaxy and must also research new technologies, colonize and defend planets, construct Space Stations, initiate social improvements, build a fleet, fight wars, win elections and gain influence in the United Planets Security council. The AI of the opposing races can be tweaked from downright stupid to ultra intelligent and the higher you set them the more expertly you will have to master economic and diplomatic aspects of the game not just with the other races but also PR’ing your own people.

The game is won when all the races become united in a galactic alliance, someone researches technology that takes them beyond mortality or one civilization conquers the opposition with their military might.

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