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Fragile Allegiance

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Fragile Allegiance

Interplay / 0000-00-00


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The year is 2380 and space sector K240 has just opened for colonization. The powerful Tetracorp mining company is offering lucrative contracts to high stakes entrepreneurs like yourself who are willing to risk everything to build a profitable and sustainable asteroid colony in a remote region of the galaxy.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Go to the DOS prompt and start the game by typing:
FRAGILE /cKim.Jon.fmsti for the European version or FRAGILE /c.Osiris.fmsti for the US version. Type with no spaces and caps where stated!!

Here's what the arguments mean:


f= build everything in one day

m= extra money

s= see all asteroids

t= change game speed. alt f7 slows time and alt f8 speeds up time

i= have all information about aliens and trading items.





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