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Force 21

Ubisoft / 0000-00-00



Game Details

The year is 2015 and World War III is about to begin. Recent advances in "Star Wars" technology have removed the threat of global nuclear conflict and reopened the option of conventional war between great powers.

While the fragments of the Soviet Union continue their slide into economic and social chaos, free-market China has become the preeminent power in the Far East. Desperate for natural resources to sustain its economic boom, Beijing invades the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan, drawing both Russia and the United States into a bitter struggle that ultimately will determine who will rule the world in the 21st century.

Force 21 for Game Boy Color is the first of its kind to reach the handheld platform. In this real-time tactical (RTT) game, the player must choose which nation to defend, China or the U.S., as an elite Armored Platoon Commander. The game follows the previously released PC version in story line, missions, and vehicles but reorganizes the complexities of the title aiming for a more arcade-like theme for the game. WWIII is in the palm of your hand. Choose sides.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Code			Result
amazon			No Trees
avatar			Yellow Boxes Around Vehicles, Buildings
london			No Clouds
hasselhoff		Instant Loss
ispy			No Fog of War
polytheism		Invincibility for Everyone
killenemy		Kill All Enemies
grid			Display Grid
chessmatch		100% Radar
commanders		Disables Commanders Effects
stratperspective	Changes View
novictory		Disables Victory Results
hurt			Hurts First Vehicle in Present Platoon
chillout		Locks Vehicle in Place
seattle			Disables Horizon
gameoverman		Instant Win
centermass		Center Camera on Unit
exit			Exit Directly to Windows
targetlist		Show Selected Targets
id			Identify Vehicle Selected




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