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Flying Heroes

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Flying Heroes

Take2 Interactive / 2000-04-30



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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Type any of the following codes while playing:

Code		 Result 
OMMALLUF	 Full Ammo 
HTLAEHLLUF 	 Full Health 
ANAMLLUF 	 Full Mana 
TSOOBERIF	 Fire Boost 
RATSLATEM 	 Get Metal Star 
RETROPELET	 Get Teleporter 
KAOLC		 Get Cloak 
LERRABSAG 	 Get Gas Barrel 
SENIMEX 	 Get Xemines 
SENIMGA  	 Get Agmines 
ELBISIVNI	 Get Invisible 
TSOOBERIF	 Get Disorientate 
NIARDICA	 Get Acid Rain 
NODDEGAMRA	 Get Armageddon 
DUOLCHTAED	 Get Death Cloud 
ERIFLLAF	 Get FallFire 
LLABERIF	 Get Fireball 
LLABECI		 Get Iceball 
HSALF		 Get Flash 




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