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Everquest II: Sentinels Fate

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Game Details

The sixth expansion of the groundbreaking Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) EverQuest II franchise, EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate is an all-in-one compilation pack which transports players into a universe of legend and lore where adventures are just the beginning. The fabled lands of Odus, filled with epic quests, magnificent dungeons and limitless content provide the ultimate MMORPG experience for new players and seasoned veterans alike. In addition, Collector's Edition bonus items include: an exclusive in-game mount and collectible figurine and DVD documentary.

EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate expansion pack game logo
Questing in EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Expansion Pack

Quest in a whole new expansion pack.
New overland area from EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Expansion Pack

Two new overland zones.
New frightening enemy from EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Expansion Pack

New frightening creatures.
Dungeon addition from EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Expansion Pack

12 epic dungeon additions.
Female character eyeballing you in EverQuest II: Sentinel's Fate Expansion Pack

Collector's Edition bonus items.
All-In-One Compilation Pack
As an all-in-one compilation pack, Sentinel's Fate contains all five previous expansion packs and three adventure packs for EverQuest II. Together this provides for the most complete overall EverQuest II playing experience to date, and presents the next chapter of the EverQuest II legacy which will be written and rewritten by the passion of players and fueled by the hunger for adventure.

EverQuest II is one of the preeminent MMO's in the PC gaming market, and as such gameplay in the Sentinel's Fate expansion pack sticks with the classic RPG elements that has made the series one of the most popular since its 2004 release. Set in the fictional world of Norrath, players create a character from a variety of races and character classes and subclasses. From there they are free to quest to their heart's delight, by themselves or more likely in the company of members of guilds that they can join or create. Success in these quests earn individual characters and their guilds rewards that can be used to aquire new in-game equipment and abilities that are crucial to leveling up characters and proceeding through the game. As with all MMO's, socialization is a major component of the game, encouraged by features such as voice chat, a mail system, global chat channels, and a global marketplace where items can be sold and/or traded. The game requires an Internet connection and a paid subscription for online play. A 30-day subscription is included with the purchase price for new accounts.

Key Game Features

  • Collector's Edition bonus items: The exclusive Highlands Stalker in-game mount and collectible figurine; "EverCracked! The Phenomenon of EverQuest" DVD Documentary.
  • Includes the new Sentinel's Fate expansion pack, plus the entire award-winning content from five previously released expansion packs and three adventure packs.
  • Explore up to 90 levels of breathtaking content in more than 300 expansive and dangerous environments both new and nostalgic.
  • Two expansive new overland zones to discover, The Sundered Frontier and Stonebrunt Highlands.
  • 12 new dungeons to battle through.
  • 400 new quests based on the legend of Odus.
  • Five new Heritage Quests with valuable new loot.
  • Over 2,000 new weapons, pieces of armor and items.
  • All new alternate advancement abilities to expand your arsenal of powers.
  • Hundreds of new dangerous and cunning creatures.
  • Up to a 7-day headstart of gameplay access before the digital release.
  • Coveted Guarding of the Reasoned in-game armor piece to provide extra protection on your journey.
  • $10 Sentinel's Fate digital download discount coupon for Station Store and 500 Station Cash to spend on virtual items.
  • Legends of Norrath The Fall of Erudin scenario.
  • Free 30-day subscription included for new accounts.

System Requirements:

Minimum Specifications: Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Processor: Pentium III 1 Ghz or greater Pentium 4 2 Ghz or greater
RAM: 512MB 1GB
Disc Drive: 16x DVD-ROM drive
Hard Drive: 10GB or more
Sound Card: DirectX9-compatible
Input Device: Mouse and keyboard
Other: Broadband Internet connection required for online play

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