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EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky

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EverQuest II: Kingdom Of Sky chronicles the battles Norrath's warrior will face against the Overrealm, a previously-unknown mystical territory, made up of islands floating high above the land. Discover strange new creatures, powerful new objects and items, and a world filled with unseen wonders. Travel to the Overrealm and battle the creatures who intend to enslave and conquer Norrath. Four new arena champions and two new arenas All new Heritage Quests allow players to gain amazingly powerful items, personal status, adventure experience and much more Signature Quests reward large experience bonuses, entirely new items, and advance the lore of EverQuest II Over 30 new Collections expand on one of the most popular features exclusive to EverQuest II Challenging new zones, both below ground and high above it Brand new pieces of armor, such as Profession Hats, Helmets and Pauldrons, will make your character look more distinct Over 30 new items to put in your player house

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