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Etrom: The Astral Essence

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Etrom: The Astral Essence

PM Studios / 2007-03-15

Action RPG

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Game Details

The world of Etrom is the planet earth projected in a future dimension parallel to ours. Born from mystic events this world is gloomy, dark, made up of deserts and enormous cities called Megacity. External and internal walls, protected by barriers of chromatic energy that occlude the sky, surround each of these urban realities. Time seems still, history almost doesn’t exist in the minds of men, everything appears as if it were surrounded by a soporific thick fog bearer of death...

Humanity lives piled up in the Megacity only, urban agglomerates of chrome and concrete whose diameter goes up to 100km, with a population of about 20-30 million individuals. The bocks` boundaries are marked by huge walls guarded by soldiers who guarantee the power of few privileged people and crush the will of the subdued people, resigned to a grey destiny forever the same, only for survival, without any escape. Even if there are a lot of differences among the 4 states concerning the freedom of thought and expression, material and spiritual wealth, unfortunately there are a lot of similar elements in the attitude of the rich classes in power towards the rest of the population.

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2009-05-22 00:00:00

As none of the trainers work i have looked high and low and found one working cheat... press and hold ctrl+p+m at the same time while in the game ans the text "shari the goddess" should appear in the right hand corner. after this you can press the "h" key at any time to open hangans shop to your location press "h" again and it disappears leaving you wherever you where before you were when you opened it.


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