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Emperor- Battle For Dune

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Emperor- Battle For Dune

Electronic Arts / 2001-06-11



Game Details

Based on the universe created in the Frank Herbert novels and in David Lynch's 1984 movie, this long-awaited sequel to the early '90s game "Dune II" -- the granddaddy of the real-time strategy genre -- puts you in command of a military faction fighting for control of the desert planet Arrakis and its critical resources.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Infantry Defence - Atreides Only:
Atreides have to be one of the strongest defenders, with the Machine Gun Tower 
and the Missle Turret. It is simple to defend with simple Infantry, First find 
the entrance. If possible find the main one. Build 10 Kindjal Units and 10 
Snipers. Place 5 Kindjal and 5 Snipers on either side of the entrance. Deploy 
the Kindjal and bingo, you've got the kindjal to take out tanks and the snipers to take out infantry.

Infantry Offence - Atreides Only:
This works just like the Defence but it can invlove other units. First off, 
you'll need 10 Kindjal, 10 Snipers and four APCs. Group the Snipers into one 
group and the Kindjal in another. Load them all into the APCs and find your 
way to the opponent's base entrance. If there is Infantry Rock near by; the 
APCs are not needed. First Unload the Kindjal and the Snipers, Line up the 
Kindjal and deploy them, line the snipers behind them, note this will take 
place at the end of the rock ramp (ON OPEN SAND) WORMS!!..Okay this is where 
the APCs come in handy, scatter them around the Map not to far by a fair 
distance from the infantry..Have them drive around in circles to attract 
worms, since they are tracked they should to nicely.(Should work 98% of the 
time..a good waste of money if a worm gets hungry for infantry.) Now any thing 
coming out of the base should be paste. 

Sniper Offence:
Atreides Only First off, build 6 snipers, If there are barrels around the 
builds of the base and such..thats all you'll need. If not, add 6 Mongooses 
and and 8 Bikes to the list. That should do fair, add stronger units as the 
diff. goes up. This should work when there are two entrances, bring the 
snipers around rear, and start picking off Infantry{ Or barrels }. All their 
units should come after the snipers then fly the bikes into the middle of the 
base to take out defences and the units from behind. Then have the Mongooses 
paste the base. 

Creeper Tank - Atreides Only:
First build 5 Engineers and an APC, Pile the Engineers into the APC, park the 
APC infront of the opponent's base. Once it cloaks, creep it slowly an inch at 
a time, keeping it cloaked. Once the APC is deep enough without being seen, 
unload it and take over 5 buildings. Sell them, you'll get infantry and money. 

Infantry Offence - Counter - Ordos Only:
A simple way to take out any offence of infantry, is just a few Mortor 
infantry, just deploy them at the top of the ramp. Out of ranges of the 
Kindjal and snipers. They'll get a height advantage and take them out in a few 

Infantry Offence/defence - Ordos Style:
The same can be done with ordos, all you need is a mortors instead and The 
Freman Subhouse. The Freman warriors have same range as snipers and can cloak..

Infernal Offence - Harkonnan Only:
For a nice attack force from Harkonnan, not that a few tanks can't take out 
half an opponents force. First 4-10 Inkvine Tanks and about 25 Flame troopers. 
With the Inkvines fireing away, and the flamers igniteing the remaining waste 
from the Inkvine's attacks. Your sure that any Infantry will be ash and you'll 
be turning tanks into microwaves..

Overwhelming Forces - Ix Sub-House:
With any House and the Ix Subhouse, Build a duplicator and one of your 
strongest units (Ordos:Deviator, Harkonnan:Devisator, Atredies:Sonic Tank ). 
Build two Adv. Carryalls, and drop them near a base, On rock..I've made that 
mistake...Deploy the Duplicator, and simply duplicate the unit you brought 
with it, and just send the units in, not the real you get a free 
supply of strong units that build in seconds. Another trick to use on the 
Ordos is to duplicate the enmies laser tanks..The duplicate laser tank will 
shoot the sheilds will refract and blow both of them up. You didn't pay for 
your tank so no shead tears. The Laser tank is also great to mass 
it is fast and will move away so you can make more. 

Harvester Capture: 
Destroy all of your opponent's Harvesters except for one. Get an advanced 
carry-all and capture that remaining Harvester and put it in the corner of the 
map, not landing the Carry-all. Because your opponent still has a harvester 
left, he won't get another one. Your opponent's cash flow will come to a stop.

How to Use Sonic Tanks Efficiently:
First build lots of sonic tanks and move them near the enemys base then 
instead of sending all of the sonic tanks send one at a time so they don't 
kill each other when killing the enemy.

Defence for Base (ordos only):
In there is a wide ramp buy about 8 cobras and 20 morters and 20 AAtroopers 
and line them up at the top of the ramp (your base!) with the infantry in 
between the cobras. Deploy the cobras & morters and they wont be able to get 
in! If there is a small ramp use 2 cobras, 10 morters and 10 AA troopers! 
Anything coming in will be Dead* (*but if they send Ikvines or Minotaurs have 
about 5 laser tanks charge out and keep moving them until the Minotaur/Ikvine 
is toast)




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