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Earth 2150

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Earth 2150

Mattel / 2000-05-25

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

As meteor showers rain down from above, servere climate changes affect how weapons and vehicles function. Fog rolls in early during the morning obstructing view range. Weapons recoil after firing. And full-out warfare occurs beneath the surface of the earth.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Press [Return], and type in "I_wanna_cheat". Then hold the left 
[SHIFT] and [0] on the Keypad and press [Return] at the same time. 
Now press [Return], type in the cheat and [Return] again.

Code				Result
x-mas_pack			Full Repair and Reload Ammo
fireworks			Mines
i_love_this_game #		Give # of CR
i_hate_limits #			Set Unit Limit to # CR
einstein 1			Fast Explore On (0 for Off)
the_hammer_of_thor		Kil All Enemies at Range of 8
massacre			Kills All Objects at Range of 8
see_you_next_life		Destroy Selected Unit
hasta_la_vista_enemigos		Destroy All Visible Units and Objects
bad_time_bad_place		Damage All Near Units
eagle_eye			See All
let_be_darkness			Fog
no_one_hides			See All Units
no_more_secrets			Full Map
armageddon			Meteor Shower





Earth 2150 s0 Earth 2150 s1

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