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Unknown / 2013-01-29

Action RPG

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Game Details

Dungeonland is a co-operative hack and slash game that takes players on a deadly tour through a medieval theme park. Playing as The Rogue, The Warrior or The Mage, the heroes will need to work together as a team to get past the evil overseer of this “Tragic Kingdom” - The Dungeon Maestro.
The truly diabolical can even take on the role of the Dungeon Maestro himself and wreak havoc on friends. Unleash the killer rabbits, drop some exploding frogs in their path, or whip up a giant fan and blow them all away.

Review Quotes:
“The very definition of knockabout fun”
“You need to pick this up immediately”
- Destructoid
“In multiplayer it's a brilliant bastard of a game”
- PC Gamer

NEW Infinite Dungeon Mode: Why must Dungeons end, while heroes endure? Dungeon Maestro's latest design solves this basic problem. Infinite gameplay in randomly-generated dungeons. How far can you go before you die?

Requires Steam account for activation


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Dungeonland s0 Dungeonland s1 Dungeonland s10 Dungeonland s2 Dungeonland s3 Dungeonland s4 Dungeonland s5 Dungeonland s6 Dungeonland s7 Dungeonland s8 Dungeonland s9

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