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Dungeon Siege II

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Dungeon Siege II

Microsoft / 2005-08-16

Role Playing Game

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Game Details

Its been a generation since you vanquished the evil that plagued the Land of Ehb, and nowa new menace has awakened. In Dungeon Siege II, the sequel to the best-selling RPG from Gas Powered Games, you will be called on to again wield sword and spell to save the world from a growing abomination many years in the making.

A thousand years ago, the crusaders of Azunai crossed swords with the legions of Zaramoth in the final battle of a century-long rebellion. As the tyrannical god Zaramoth struck the final blow through Azunais trembling shield, the earth shook. In that moment, the forces of magic were unchained, and both armies were consumed in a brilliant cataclysm that stretched for leagues across the Plain of Tears. Only a scarred wasteland remained as final testament to the First Age of Man.

And for a millennium, magic has continued to spread to the farthest corners of the world, freely flowing to any who would command it. But the tide of magic has begun to wane, heeding instead the call of an ancient legacy. From the Plain of Tears a new heir beckons, and with each day his strength grows. Consuming those who submit, eradicating those who resist. With none to oppose his ascendance, the circle will be complete, and an ancient age will begin anew.

What fate will befall the Second Age of Man? The time for judgment is nigh.

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Reply #2

2007-06-18 00:00:00

this cheats works on broken world too

Reply #1

2005-12-15 00:00:00

press enter and type + and any of the following cheats

Invincibility ... +drlife
Instant kill ... +quwhba
Teleport ... +bushsux-oluaowr
Silver ring ... +iraqsux-eszaryz
Moreitems ... +luvtana-aeviyaa
Ring of knowledge ... +opnauticus
Less chunky ... +krisrox-lzjlcoj
More chunky ... +superchunky
Record a movie ... +movie
Display version ... +version
Activate teleporters ... +twilightzone


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

During game play, press ENTER and type +, e.g. +drilife

To disable the cheat, press ENTER and type -, e.g. -drilife

  • Invincibility: drlife
  • Lose some weight: extracreamy
  • Gain some weight: superchunky
  • Record Movie: movie
  • Version: version





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