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Slay the Monsters. Pwn some n00bs. Be the hero?

It's dark, it's dank, it smells awful down here and you just stepped in something squishy... Yup, you guessed it--it's Dungeon Runners--an online multiplayer action role-playing game that transports you to an exciting realm of magic, adventure, giant monsters, and icky things.

As a brave Dungeon Runner, be prepared to...

  • Explore dangerous dungeons (duh!)
  • Battle ferocious monsters like the Fire Mutant Puker (monsters that vomit - how cool!)
  • Discover incredible weapons, artifacts and loot! I mean, where ELSE are you going to battle with a giant turkey leg, find a Vorpal Pizza Cutter of Doom or the Laughing Brutalizer of the Two Dead Iguanas?
  • Whether fighting evil hordes as a lone idiot, um, I mean warrior, or teaming up with online friends to carve a path of destruction through your foes, Dungeon Runners will quench your deepest dungeon-crawling thirst. Game Details:
  • Game includes 6 Months of Premium Membership Access, which normally costs $5/month.
  • Access the new Bling Gnome sidekicks, that help you collect loot and ‘process' your gold. Available only with the boxed version of Dungeon Runners.
  • Throw off the yoke of other MMO's - mix & match from the ever-growing list of skills and powers to create your own custom class.
  • Undertake hundreds missions and quests to rid the world of bad guys and icky monster things.
  • Gather in public meeting areas, then adventure in randomly-generated dungeons at your own pace. Turtle or rocket through at breakneck speeds - hey, it's your neck!
  • Die a shameful death as a n00b in the kiddie dungeon. Or become a legend - basking in the limelight as your powers, equipment and influence grow.
  • Dungeon Runners is continually expanding to include new maps, new monsters, new powers and new features. Plus whatever else we come up with, Woohoo!
  • …oh and the Exteel client is included

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