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Driver: Parallel Lines

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Driver: Parallel Lines

Ubisoft / 2007-06-26

Action / Driving

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New York's Most Wanted WheelmanProduct InformationYou were a legend. You were money. Until they set you up and sentyou down. Twenty-eight years in jail for someone else's crime. Nowyou're getting out. Guess what? You've got a new's calledgetting revenge.The Story"New York in '78 was the coolest place on the planet. Everyone was eitherfinding themselves having a party or out to have a good time - includingme. I was new to the Big Apple just a country boy looking to make good.But a few weeks and it felt like home. From new Jersey to Queens from theBronx down to Battery this was my patch my backyard.Twenty-eight years later and the city sparkled like new - on the surface. Underneath the filth was still there and I had vengeance crawling insideme. Meet TK. He's from out West but home's too slow and too dull forhim. He's 18 years old with a sense of humor that gets him into troubleand a grin that gets him right back out. He knows the world's his for thetaking. Soon as he can get the money together first place he heads is NewYork City. It's the only place he wants to be the only place he can lethis ambition off the leash. It's the place where he plans to make one heckof a fortune using the one marketable skill he's got - driving.Product Features Drive over 80 fully customizable old school and modern cars. Conquer New York's underworld behind the wheel or on foot. Dive into edge-of-your-seat high-speed Hollywood action. You start the game unarmed but as you progress through the storyline you will be given access to more and better weaponry. If you need to earn some money so that you can improve or repair your ride you'll be able to find several different types of side jobs around the city including street or circuit races repossession contracts debt collections or even assassinations.

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Reply #3

2007-08-16 00:00:00

GUNBELT ... Infinite ammunition.
GUNRANGE ... Unlock all weapons.
ZOOMZOOM ... Infinite nitro.
ROLLBAR ... Cars are indestructable.
TOOLEDUP ... Upgrades cost nothing.
CARSHOW ... Unlocks all vehicles.
IRONMAN ... Player invulnerability.
KEYSTONE ... Police vehicles vulnerable.

Reply #2

2007-08-16 00:00:00


Double Ammunition Capacity: You must collect 30 Stars
Double Car Durability: You must collect 40 Stars
Free Vehicle Upgrades: You must collect 50 Stars
Health Increase: You must collect 10 Stars
Nitrous Increase: You must collect 20 Stars

Reply #1

2007-08-16 00:00:00

improved cars

1. Go to the directory where you've installed the game.
2. Go to vehicles
3. Go to wars.txt

There you can change values to improve things like top speed and acceleration
(it only works if you have that item installed on your car).

Save the document and restart the game


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