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Game Details

Adventuring from your Web Browser

DragonFable is an fully animated role playing game built to run in your web browser. Build a character and explore our ever expanding world to battle monsters, find treasure, and participate in our ongoing epic storyline quests and special events.

Always Changing and Growing

DragonFable is in an ongoing perpetual development! Even as you read this new monsters are being made, new items crafted, and dungeons overflowing with horrible surprises are being designed to test your bravery and intellect. We listen carefully to player suggestions and feedback on the forums making DragonFable's growth the result of our entire community!

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Reply #1730

2011-03-24 00:00:00

i want to have a dragon amulet

Reply #1729

2011-01-06 00:00:00

plzzz can somone tell me how to get free dragon amulet i really want it any ;)

Reply #1728

2010-11-08 00:00:00

good way to get gold is nytheras quest "potion mastery" takes about 1 minute and you get either 500 or 300 gold each time

Reply #1727

2010-09-10 00:00:00

Hi if anyone wants to have a free account just PM me on this unfortuantly it will be a free account but i can get u whatever level you would like and a fairly large ammount of gold just PM me on here or email me at including the username your account would like please dont make the account yourself otherwise it will seem like i am hacking and scamming which is not my motive in this

Reply #1726

2010-08-05 00:00:00

u guys r all terrible... u challange ppl on here and yet when i fight u u cant back it up... if u think ur beast enough to beat me heres all 3 of my characters... 1544965, 32623474, 32623477. ALL LVL 60, ALL OVER 1.5M GOLD, ALL DA, EAT IT!

Reply #1725

2010-07-24 00:00:00

To get a real powerful dragon train each stat to 100

powerful dragon
Reply #1724

2010-07-21 00:00:00

Someone have the Gnomish Personal Steampunk?
Not the Mk one.
Use Biohazard and Boiling Point!
That'll be KO!
Even in IDC,Akriloth,or others!

Reply #1723

2010-06-20 00:00:00

Go to the Haunted castle equip Necromancer and defeat every enemy but bring Artix because those enemys are Undead enemies they could kill you.Also make sure you have enough mp because there are a lot of guys to earn about 6000exp and 400Gold if you defeat every enemy.

how to.earn a lot of exp(DAonly)
Reply #1722

2010-05-27 00:00:00

if you want to battle me i'm a lvl 11 but i should give a good fight my id is:34455233

Reply #1721

2010-05-01 00:00:00

here a powerful giltch:

if you have a dragon, train its stats to this:


then go to hunters paradise,do the golden cabit quest;

your pet dragon (no matter what element), will attack in crit mode(100%)unless miss.

if still got any qestions ,email me at


Gilbert Chia

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Dragonfable gold farming guide

Just a short guide i made on one of the best places to farm for gold in dragonfable.

DragonFable Guide to Getting Evolved ChickenCow Armor

I show you how to transform your chicken cow into evolved chickencow armor.

DragonFable Armors and how to get them

DragonFable Armors and how to get them

=Dragonfable= Zurvana set (secret shop)

enjoy.........but don't bother me if u dont have enough dragon coins....

DragonFable PVP Easy Battle codes

Here are some easy Dragonfable codes for the PVP
credit goes to dronfable and the people i battled

Dragonfable: How to get everything in Ruins of Sil

Big thanks to Kage~ for giving a list of routes to the items, they helped a lot.

Now, the purpose is not to get everything the quest itself offers. But, it contains 2 weapon sets, 2 sets of accessories, and a (currently) useless item, that will have use later.

The point is to collect these items in a simple way. This may not be the fastest, but everyone should be able to understand this.

Here is the route used, with fixes, compared to me screwing up.

South-left entrance: ESSWSSSSSSW, Lockpick: Wiggle, Tap, Nick, Tap, Unlock, Use door, Search rubble, Read Book, Open Book,Next Page, Next Page, Key, Next Page, Finished. Use door, ENNNNNNENNW, Climb Stairs

North-middle entrance: WWN, Search rubble, search skeleton, read note, SSSWSWWWNNN, Use door, Use rusty iron key, Use door, NNEE, Climb stairs, collect Tornado Stone, WWSS, Use door, SEE, Check south wall, Open box, WWSW, Go check it out, Search backpack, ESEEENENNEE.

Second trip to North-middle entrance: WWSSES, Search rubble, Crawl through hole, Use stairs, accessory chest, Crawl through hole, NWNNEE, Climb Stairs.

South-right entrance: WNEENNW, Search bones, ESSWWNNNEE, Inspect pool, Use cane, Use tankard, WWWWWWSE, Troll, Attack, SENN, Check dark spots, Inspect pit, Use rope, Use poison goo, Look inside.

Also, for those that want to look around themselfes, and possibly find all other things hidden here, here is an awesome map by Kyogre40:




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