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Dracula- Resurrection

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Dracula- Resurrection

The Adventure Company / 2000-06-14


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Game Details

Dracula Resurrection is a new story based on the characters from Bram Stoker's novel. Dracula has returned...

Dracula Resurrection will immerse you in a storyline rich in atmosphere. The call of the wolf or hoot of an owl under a graphically splendid full moon panorama will surely send a shiver down your spine. The cinematically complete cut-scenes and haunting musical score will keep you glued to your seat wanting more. With this winning combination of story, visual masterpiece and haunting sound, Dracula is a game that must not be missed.

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Reply #2

2004-03-02 00:00:00

im stuck in the mine shaft under the cabin. ive already moved the rail car to the fuel barrels but i cant find the peice that goes to the track switch. can you help me find it?

mike monday
Reply #1

2003-11-11 00:00:00

can you tell me how to get past that unly thing that look like a bat and is their a book on this game. thank you let me know if there is one

howie beagle

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

At the draculas room you'll find a hard puzzle here is the
order of button to press on the mirror.
6,7,10 or Lion,Girl below line, and the goat.

Turn up your gamma.

Dig around in the graveyard; who knows what you'll

Bring inventory items to the characters you meet for
clues on how to use them.

The thing that looks like an ancient nine-volt battery
is actually a cigarette lighter.

Don't assume you're done with a key unless it actually
disappears after you use it.

Can't reach something? Maybe the dead can lend you a hand.





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