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2008-05-14 00:00:00

Easiest way to make money in dopewars, is to make a post for a worker at $1 and have your friend from same cartel do the same, this way you will get double the storage because ther in the same cartel and double again because there a friend ;-

e.g Your friends a world distributor you will get 2500 storage * 4 = 10,000 storage for free because youv'e hired each other at $1. The if you grow st8 in your dope lab firstly you will hav extra 100,000 storage therefore you can make easy extra 2 billion an hour easy. I make 30 billion an hour using this system

Reply #1

2008-02-21 00:00:00

How to get like a lot of money in like not that much time!

Upgrade your storage facility as much as possible. Go to the ghetto. Here you will find the best prices for weed and shrooms IN THE WHOLE GAME! If the prices for shrooms and weed are not very low at the moment, you can click the link of the ruling cartel then hit the back webpage button thing. The prices will continue to change until you get the price you want. The low for weed and shrooms are $10 and the max for tree is $200 and boomers are $500. You continue this process and just make mad scrilla! (dont forget to upgrade your storage space because when you start making scrilla you will need the room!)

Master Chief

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Fighting the cops
Always buy as many guns as possible. The more guns you own, the easier it is to fight the cops.

Get away from cops (v2.0)
If you run into a cop, press [Shoo to hit it exactly dead center and kill it.

Good prices for acid
Wait for home made acid to appear on the market and buy as many as possible. Then, go to another city and find a high price. Sell them and make a huge profit.

Cocaine bust rumor
Immediately after getting busted by the cops, you will hear a rumor from an inmate that there will be a cocaine bust on the next turn.

Easy money
Buy the most units of cocaine possible and wait until there is a cocaine bust. Sell all of your cocaine and earn easy money. Note: This also works with heroin.


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