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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Food cheat
Food cheat all u have to do is go to where you get food and click on meats and after you click on meats press apple and 1 at the same time and you will reduce all your food to 999
[send by:Joey]

Money Cheat 1:
Go into the real estate office.
Press the little circle with the line
through it.
Now look at your money.

Money Cheat 2:
Put one of your dinos in auction.
at the end of the season go to the auction and wait
till your dinos name comes up and the bidding for your
dino comes to an end when the guy in the front starts
saying (#last price#)once..
click on the help screen (the button marks with "?") when
the help screen comes up push ok (the thumb)and youll go
back to the auction room, but instead of selling your dino
in the last price,the price will get higher and the more
you repeat the steps,the more money you get Please note that when you use the cheat the amount of money
you get will not be recorded in the dino auction account
book,it will say 0 just like that there is a limitation to
the money you can get in a single sell,but Im not sure how
much about 40 Million or so then again 2 Million is already
more than enough, dont get greedy


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