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Die Hard Trilogy

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Die Hard Trilogy

Fox Interactive / 0000-00-00

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

In Die hard, you play erstwhile hero, John McClain, who just happens to get trapped in a high rise with terrorists. This time instead of starting on the top floor in a bathroom, you fight your way up from the basement to the top floor. Die Harder is set at Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia just west of our nation's capital. John spends his time fighting through the airport terminal, runways and surrounding country. Die hard with a Vengeance is a romp through New York City, looking for bombs while a clock ticks away and a driving simulator to boot.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Pause the game at any time and write:

Die Hard 1: 
REAR - Enemies with guns get shot between the legs
RUDE - God mode
REDO - 50 grenades
REED - Fat mode
DEAD - Sacrifice for the gods
10 As och 4 Rs - Skeleton mode
RUDDER - Unlimited of an item. (Try writing it several times)

Die Hard 2:
DARE - God
LARD - The sight will only move if you want it so
RUDE - Write one time to get all guns, twice for god mode
DEAD - Skeleton mode
RELOAD - Lots of grenades and missiles

Die Hard 3:
EOXOELXDL - Knocks over cars behind you
LOROEAXAR - Removes the turbo





Die Hard Trilogy s0

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