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Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

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Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction

Blizzard / 2001-06-27

Action / Action RPG

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Game Details

Since the beginning of time, the forces of Order and Chaos have been engaged in an eternal struggle to decide the fate of all Creation. That struggle has now come to the Mortal Realm...and neither Man, Demon, nor Angel will be left unscathed...

In Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, you will return to follow the path of Baal, the last of the Prime Evils, into the Barbarian Highlands of the north. Traveling with hordes of demonic minions, Baal intends to corrupt the powerful Worldstone, which protects the whole of the mortal plane from the forces of Hell.

You will face a new series of quests and challenges to prevent the vile minions of the underworld from destroying the world of Sanctuary.

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Reply #43

2008-12-20 00:00:00

the answer to the question about starting at level 32 is easy you just (on the desktop) right click on the shortcut and go to propertys and where it says file at the end after"type thin (" -Act5) DOSEN'T WORK FOR NECRO OR SORC. for them i figured out you type (" -Act3) you start at level 20 when you do this you get all stat points and skill points to use!!!
(worked great for me)HAVE FUN

EternalDeath101, don't be a moron. Of course it works for the Necromancer. I DID IT. Plus, it's level 33, not 32.

Reply #42

2008-08-28 00:00:00

1 Ring + 1 emerald + 4 Antidote Potions = 1 Viridian Ring with 21-30 Poison
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.
1 ring + 1 ruby + 4 exploding potions = 1 Garnet Ring with 21-30 Fire
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.
1 ring + 1 sapphire + 4 thawing potions = 1 Cobalt Ring with 21-30 Cold
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.
1 Ring + 2 Topaz gems = 1 Coral Ring with 21-30 Lightning resistance.
Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.

I tried all of em.It doesnt work. If anyone knows help me pls.

my e-mail

Reply #41

2008-07-31 00:00:00


Reply #40

2008-07-13 00:00:00

In single player when I try to use the "/players 8" cheat it doesnt work?? is there a certain way you need to do it, something you need to modify in game options or something before hand?? I am using standard v1.07 is that why it doesnt work...Someone help!!

Reply #39

2008-06-02 00:00:00

hi anyone knows how tho enlarge the chest and horadric cube? i have seen it somewhere but i cant find it can be a mod but i am not sure.if you know that patch/mod,please tell me.

Reply #38

2008-04-13 00:00:00

easy ex, to get easy ex kill every thing in the area then save and quit then log back in and then go back to the area and the monsters will be there agai.

Reply #37

2008-02-23 00:00:00

to get to the secret cow level you need to defeet baal, the last and final boss, then you need to get wirts leg from tristram. After you do that you need to have the horadric cube.Then get a BOOK of town portal, next put wirts leg and the BOOK of town portal in, then click transmute. Hint: the secret cow level is extremely hard be ready to have a lot of potions, and also use a town portal instead of the original portal.

Reply #36

2008-02-03 00:00:00

diablo lord tecnically u dont know something although u half to be lvl 25 to get good exp in ball runs just cow till 24 kill anciants automatiacally get lvl 25 and that saves u a lot of time second of all thats not a good method heres what u do folks Get rushed to hell act 4 at lvl 1 then chaos untill ur eyes hurt ive gained 7-9 levels every game! so u dont know much about lvling diablo lord peace out

Diablo FREAK
Reply #35

2008-01-25 00:00:00

'Ok.what u have two is simple if u want Diablos ring (like best ring ur gunnna best wicked awsome stats on it) all u have to do (this is what i did on three of my chars ) is kill Diablo 3 times in two minutes then kill Baal then you should get diablos ring.'

One,there is no Diablos ring.

Two,As fast as I RUSH Andarial,Mephy,Diablo and Baal.If there WAS a 'diablos' ring.I'd have it by now because I rush them very very freakin' fast.

Three,if you want the lastest version of Maphack (For 1.11b) find Stings Maphack(Google).

Four,Just hack instead of 'submitting' fake sh*t.

Reply #34

2007-09-05 00:00:00

if you want fast lvls get a rush to act 4 in hell. then chaos till lvl 20. cow till 25. chaos from 25-99. very fast lvls. i got a lvl 80 barbarian in within 90 minutes of creating it. another faster way is to uber with friends.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

View debug information:
Start a game, press [Enter] to enter talk mode, then type fps. The ping time, frame skip , and frames per second will appear in the upper left corner.

More experience
Join a or other multi-player game and join a party. You and your partner will share experience. The more people in the party, the more experience everyone gets. Use the following trick to get eight times the experience. The host of the game must do the following. Press [Enter] to enter talk mode and type players 8 . Then, press [Enter] and type player 8 in a different message box. Note: Although you will get eight times the experience for each kill, the monsters will also be eight times stronger. You can gain experience quickly but you must be careful to avoid dying.

More money
When you are selling something that is cracked or dameged go talk to the blacksmith and repair it then it is worth more money.The more it takes to repair it the more money you get for it.
[send by:robert williams]

Helping pick a starting character In Diablo 2 Lord f Destruction there are 2 new characters, a druid and an Assassin. Joining them are 5 other unique characters each with 30 skills. Each person specializes in different fields of combat.

Baal's minions skip
When you first find Baal he will keep summoning different demons to fight you. Eventually he will summon his lords of destruction which are extremely powerful. If you don't want to face them, have them follow you towards the entrance, then run as fast as you can back towards Baal. If you do it fast enough, they will disappear and Baal will then go into the portal and you can go face him.

Crafting Items
What you need, Ort Rune, any kind of jewel, and a Perfect ruby or a perfect emerald, and the weapon that you chose(Has to have blue or have a white text). You put those Four items in your Cube and click the transmute button. Look in your iventory and there you have a crafted item

An Assassin uses no Magic and Specializes in Martial arts Shadow masteries and traps. An Assassins Martial art skill provides her with close range attacks that charge up damage and then there is a finishing move that releases the charged damage. The shadow skill provides her the ability to make shadow doubles of her self, use psychic energy to attack and the ability to cloak herself. The traps consist of having a monster walk over it inflicting damage and Sentinels that shoot out elements and ninja stars.

a new character to the Diablo realm a Druid summons animals he has elemental magic attacks, and he can shape shift.The druid summons animals from the wild such as ravens to grizzly bears and vines. Each has so much life and does damage. The elemental magic summons the power from the earth. he has Ice wind and Fire. His shapeshifting gives him the ability to turn into a werewolf or a werebear. After those he has fighting abilities only useable in the shifted form. He can't use magic in shifted form but he can summon an animal like his form like in werewolf he can summon a dire wolf.





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