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Deer Hunter 5- Tracking Trophies

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Deer Hunter 5- Tracking Trophies

Atari / 2001-12-14

Sports / Sports - Hunting & Fishing

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The season continues past the autumn snows and spring fawns into another year and an exhilarating new hunt. Track deer plus big game like Rocky Mountain elk and Grizzly bear. Experience the pride of a successful hunt and the serenity of world-class hunting locations from Michigan to Montana and beyond.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat Codes:
To enter the following cheats, press F2, then enter one of the codes listed below. Press F2 again to activate it. Code - Result
dh5findnext - Go to closest animal
dh5leaves - Weather-blowing leaves
dh5nofear - Animals do not fear you
dh5water - Weather-rain
dh5zeus - Weather-lightning
dh5truck - Drive a truck
dh5showme - Shows where deer are
dh5beacon - Attracts deer to you





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