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Deer Avenger 2

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Deer Avenger 2

Vivendi Universal / 1999-01-01

Sports / Sports - Hunting & Fishing

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Game Details

Head into lovely Armpit Estates and tranquilize everyone in the entire neighborhood--even the vulgar housewife--as you track down the suburban soldier of misfortune that ran over your gal!

Show up at the Swamp Ass Grill and unleash your fury on its boozy, bleary-eyed humanity! Check out the 70s disco freak as you hunt down the good ol' boy who laughed at your anguish when your babe got permanently tattooed with the front fender of his SUV.

Don't worry if you're a bad shot. You also can fart at your victims and knock them out cold! That's right--the longer you hold down the fart button, the stronger the odor is!

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Bonus points:
There are lots of places to score big. While in town, shoot the red truck. At the bar, aim for the dartboard. In the office, unload on the paintings. 

Fully-Automatic Rifle:
Choose the REM 16. Right click after clicking on your location and then click the hunt sign. Hold it until you start hunting. The gun becomes fully automatic and you don't have to take time to reload





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