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Dead Reefs

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Dead Reefs

Dreamcatcher Interactive / 2007-07-03


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Game Details

It is said that for hundreds of years, pirates from the English island of Dead Reefs were looting the ships sailing by and slaughtering their crews. One of the wrecked ships was carrying an old relic, kept secret and locked by a centennial monk order. It is known to have been then stolen and retrieved by the ruler of the island, Baron DeSantra.

Shortly after, inhabitants of the island started dying in unnatural ways one by one. The first victim of this strange series of events was the Baron's wife, who was killed by her husband with his sword. Ten decades after these alleged "facts", a new death is reminiscent of the legend and casts fear on the island of Dead Reefs. A detective from the mainland, Amideo Finvinero, is sent to investigate the death and find the killer. You are this detective. And you will need more than natural skills to shed the light on this terrific case.

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2010-05-01 00:00:00

I think I have a glitch in my pc game dead reefs.I am in the room where the ghost was sitting in the chair.I played the music box and played the notes on the piano wich in turn opened the back of the fireplace.tried to enter but was too dark so I found the lantern but when I try to enter fireplace charecter keeps saying it's too dark I can't go in there and says it nonstop till I move the charecter.please if someone is having the same trouble or knows how to solve this I would be very grateful. Larymoo


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