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Day of Defeat: Source

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Day of Defeat: Source

Unknown / 2005-09-26

Shooter / First Person Shooter

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Game Details

Day of Defeat (a.k.a. DoD) is the latest online action experience from Valve, makers of Half-Life and Counter-Strike. Stationed in the heart of WWII's European Theater of Operations, players join the ranks of an elite military squad entrenched in battle.

Each team has several "player classes," that give each squad member a unique role. These include scout, infantry, sergeant, machine gunner, and more, each with a unique arsenal of historical weaponry at their disposal.

DoD includes an expansive collection of missions based on key historical battles. And a near infinite number of additional missions, created by the online development community, are available for download.

DoD takes the classic gameplay of the original Day of Defeat and improves the experience with Source, the advanced engine technology Valve created for Half-Life 2. With this technology, DoD: Source offers state of the art graphics (including support for HDR lighting) in optimized versions of popular maps, plus redesigned sound and all new player, weapon, and world models.

As war rages, squads must battle as a unit to achieve victory! Gameplay features include:
  • A class system giving each player a unique role
  • Historically-accurate weaponry and items
  • Dozens of missions based upon WWII's greatest battles
  • Built-in support for voice communication

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  • tbn:ANd9GcRdg95MMb581rdZh4kkELtMX7n88queNH4Oyo_hKYs-FbTMRwLtatCfQ8g


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