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Team-based online action with persistent characters. Join any server online and get instant action! Face off against another team of players to prove yourself in tough, action-packed battles!

No tedious treadmill. Create your character and be battle-worthy from the start, your skill will make the difference!

Five original player classes, all with their own unique gameplay requiring different tactics and cunning. Play as the agile deep elf Reaver who can mold her very skeleton into deadly weapons, the fearsome aramasi Shadowblade who can move instantly between shadows, striking swiftly with a poisoned blade, the Templar who melds his very soul to his near-sentient enchanted sword or the orcish Witch who can summon the forces of nature and channel the very energies of life and death, and the dwarven Seeker who specializes in traps and berserker skills.

A thriving community fully supported and merged with the game itself. Manage guilds and team rosters, discuss tactics on the forums, watch your characters rise on global rankings.


* Proprietary cutting-edge graphics engine that utilizes the full strength of pixel and vertex shaders 2.0. Including normal and specular maps, real-time reflections and shadows.

* Our original game mode Relic Conquest! Relic Conquest requires you to capture three Relics with unique effects, each demanding different tactics to capture.

* Original soundtrack featuring live orchestral instruments.

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