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Darkstar One

CDV Software / 2006-08-14

Action RPG

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Game Details

DarkStar One is an open-ended action/adventure title set in a huge universe populated by a variety of unique alien races. Players will take on the role of an intrepid young adventurer, Kayron Jarvis, as he explores space, upgrading and customizing his ship – the DarkStar One. The game's story, written by renowned German Fantasy and Science Fiction author Claudia Kern, will immerse players in a tale of action and intrigue as Kayron searches for answers surrounding the death of his father.

* Freedom of choice -- players can take a number of different paths and approaches to earn money and upgrades as they solve the mystery of the death of Kayron's father. One may play as trader, mercenary, smuggler, pirate or a combination thereof, customizing tactics to suit individual playing styles.
* A fully customizable and upgradeable ship – the DarkStar One. Players can create a fast attack boat, heavy cruiser or other combined style of ship from parts purchased or captured from enemies.
* More than 200 weapons, shields and equipment upgrades -- including rockets, torpedoes and mines, each featuring a special tactical or trade benefit.
* The "Spell Weapon" -- the player will have a special weapon at his disposal that will have an area of effect similar to spells in role-playing games. This weapon will become increasingly powerful and versatile throughout the game.
* A vast universe -- comprised of more than four hundred solar systems populated by six distinct races; alien races utilize unique equipment and weapons, which the player may capture or purchase and use to upgrade the DarkStar One.
* A huge variety of special missions – The action takes place in environments such as canyons, planetary surfaces and planetary interiors
* A powerful 3D graphics engine --- ships, aliens, effects and environments are rendered in lush detail

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Reply #2

2008-12-14 00:00:00

I have problem with flak mission 1, i play more then 50 times,i can't past tru.Make me seed.

best regards , corto

ps.cheats or strategies, please

Reply #1

2007-02-27 00:00:00

Darkstar One Universe Tips
By Jon Hancock
I enjoyed Darkstar One immensely. I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Freelancer or its like.

General Tips – not in any order

MAJOR BUG ALERT! Under no circumstances should you hit the (N) (Nav Map hot key) while in any tab in a trade station. The game will crash! Exit all tabs and then select the Nav map.

Weapons: Purchasing weapons is not needed (except for missile launchers). Defeating a pirate boss at a system marked “P” on the chart will result in a special container with a high level weapon usable by Darkstar One.

Of the Plasma weapons, I prefer the Shield Boost (early) – boosts shields, and the Plasma Shield – an impenetrable shield and can be used to ram for up to 400% damage - when fighting a lot of high level opponents, bosses or cruisers. I also liked the EMP weapon. At high level it disables several opponents leaving the rest for you to deal with (EMP does not affect bosses or cruisers).

When upgrading, I first upgraded the wings to get 2 weapons first. I found the best results came when I upgraded from the tail section (power) to the wings (weapons) and then the nose (hull). I kept these balanced and ended the game with 7 tail, 7 wings and 6 Nose. The ship seemed to look best with a balanced upgrade. I also had over 9,999,999 credits. My main functions were as mercenary, trader and bounty hunter.

Keep an eye on the system map (T) for containers you can pick up when you enter a system. These usually have nominal goodies in them and some contain smuggler’s loot.

At power level 2 or so, you can get an ore harvester. Do so and harvest ore from various asteroids along the way for extra credits.

At the beginning, I took all the missions I could for extra cash. After liberating systems and fighting pirates I soon had enough credits without all the little missions. Don’t waste time on the mercenary missions of taking pictures (you’ll get arrested for spying) or going after a ship captain who was accused of smuggling goods (essentially murder). Stay with pirate and rebel missions.

You will need a missile launcher and Big Bang Torpedoes against cruisers (later in the game, wait for a mission against a cruiser). I avoided using rockets and torpedoes, except when needed. Rockets are expensive, and unnecessary with good tactics. The Big Bang’s range is 1.7U. Lock on a cruiser and fly backwards (S) while firing. Attack cruisers from asteroid fields – they can’t go in after you. Conserve torpedoes, you never know when another cruiser will show up. Try to finish off a cruiser with your weapons. Use the Plasma Shield or Shield Booster.

When attacking a superior force (like pirates in a system), target the nearest enemy. When the target comes in range, press “S” (REVERSE) AND “D” (SLIDE LEFT) or “A” (SLIDE RIGHT) while firing. This keeps the enemies in front of you most of time and lets you avoid their fire. As soon as the enemy is destroyed, continue firing at the next closest. By avoiding their fire and quickly retargeting I have made 5 kills in less than 10 seconds. Watch your front shields while doing this. Using the Shield Boost or Plasma Shield will enable Darkstar One to take on up to eight enemies with tactic described above. Using the Plasma cannon in EMP will disable several enemies.

Graviton cannons are massive but slow at 2 per second. It’s fun to watch those big blue rings bash the heck out of an enemy. They are especially effective against drones.

The best cannons are 4 per second, or a combination of 2 gravitons and 2 - 4 per second heavy cannons.

There’s a bonus for getting all 100 artifacts: a Zero Point Drive which enable Darkstar One to go anywhere on the map without the limits of a Light Year LY drive.

It’s important to maintain a balance between weapons and power. Too powerful weapons will drain power and too little weapons will get your butt kicked.

Selling extra equipment: In the “Equipment” tab in a trade station, click “BACK TO SHIP” at the top of the screen. Extra inventory may be sold back to the dealer.

Read the local news and note the location of pirate systems within the sector. Go there and defeat them for credits and powerful weapons. Make sure to get them all before leaving the system. If you do not destroy the pirate base or hideout when you attack the pirates in a system, you may return after leaving the sector and fight the pirates for additional higher level special weapons.

When fighting a pirate gang, fly away between waves (3) to recharge the plasma weapon or shields.

Weapons from pirate bosses at the end of the game are stronger than those from earlier systems (even if you go back later when you and they are stronger).

Therefore, when you finish the story you essentially finish the game. There’s no more story and no more artifacts and no more upgrades and no better weapons. You may still wander around beating up weaker enemies for credits, but no more glory. Maybe some Mods or expansions will continue this game.

Selecting a new system while in a trade station will speed up the hyper-drive readiness after leaving. When you exit a trade station, turn away from any obstacles or ships. You need a clear line for hyper-drive to activate.

Equipment you may not need – and don’t need to buy: You only use the jammer once in the story – during the Kabro missions. So only buy one when it’s needed. In most combat, you don’t have time to shuffle around the shield energy – the two add-ons that move energy from weapons and shields (Energy Flux and Shield Flux) are not needed – other options do the same thing without the cost. The Shield Booster and Plasma Shields of Darkstar One’s Plasma system will do better and cost less.

How do I scan something like a satellite? Press (F) if the Side or Port Scanner option is available, select it. If not, look at the screen inset in the lower left corner. When within .5 units of the target, hold down the mouse and press the blue arrows in the corner of the insert screen that light up from gray to blue. The scanner will be activated at whatever is in the target area of the HUD.

The landing computer is a great tool. The 5U Landing computer allows you to land from 5.0 units away from a trade station. This update only works with trade stations, and when enemies are more the 4.0 units away. To use a landing computer, press (F) and select the Landing computer when you are within the range of the Landing computer. You do not have to ask the station for permission to land, and will skip any scans or delays in a queue.

Landing on an asteroid or research station: You should be within 1.0 Units before contacting the base (K). There’s not enough time to be further away. The station will cancel your landing access if you take too long. The Landing computer does not work on these.

You do need a good cargo computer, especially when you have an ore harvester. The bigger the cargo computer the more you can harvest. Pick up a container and fly back to the trade station. On the way, harvest as many ore samples as you can. Crystals (blue crystal asteroids) usually result in the highest pay based upon availability.

If you press F4, the screen will change from inside the cockpit to the just outside. This will reduce the “glass reflection” from inside the cockpit. I found this to be a major distraction. It’s already tough enough to see clearly with the energy auras around Darkstar One when using the Plasma Cannon upgrades.

Use the “V” key to speed up moving from place to place. It’s easy and only activates while being held down.

Go on side missions when they are available. Make sure you are equipped for the mission (missiles for cruisers). Side missions always result in keys to hidden systems. Some of these systems contain artifacts.

When flying through a planet or on a base mission, you can go through without the speed turned on using the afterburner only. Avoid fighting all the cannons and fly through as fast as you can manage. The damage to Darkstar One will be minimal. There are only a couple places where you must destroy the defensive systems to progress. Although blowing up Kabro’s fortress defenses is fun. MODDERS – More of this type of mission would be a great add-on for a nice change.

If you accept a mission to retrieve a container, you may only land at the base sending you on the mission; otherwise the mission will fail. The best missions are to steal a container from pirates, you sell these at the local trade station. Take all the containers you can and return for any you missed after defeating the bad guys.

Taunting the bad guys (K when targeted) seems to get their attention, when you want to draw them away from an easy victim you are trying to protect. But Darkstar’s battle dialogue is corny.

The log book keeps all the records for any mission, so don’t worry about notes. You need to buy equipment from the highest tech level equipment the sector have available – thus my chart above.

There are a bunch of systems that have no evident value. There is no reason to visit them unless you want to. They have no tech level of value, no artifacts, no pirates, so what. Well, I guess you can get materials for trade.

Equipment pricing: The price of equipment in a lower tech level trade station will be lower than the same equipment at a higher the level station. Shop around and save!

When you upgrade the tail section, you will need ton’s of cash to upgrade all the related energy systems. Be ready, you need these maxed out each step along the way.

Thanks to ASCARON for a great product!


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