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Dark Reign 2

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Dark Reign 2

Activision / 2000-06-28

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

Dark Reign 2 features a new 3-D engine and a host of features:

gorgeous 3-D terrain and units
traditional top-down and immersive "on the battlefield" camera viewpoints
true line of sight
unprecedented battlefield control

Dark Reign 2 will innovate the RTS genre and give gamers the most exhilarating war experience ever.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

1)Never underestimate the power of artillery in deciding a battle. With proper spotter support, artillery can wreak havoc on an enemy base in little time.

2)Build a variety of defenses to guard against both ground and air attacks. Nothing ruins your day like watching a sole air unit destroy a building by itself because you've got nothing that can shoot it down.

3)Always explore the map as quickly as possible, locate where the resources and strategic choke points are, and then defend them. Don't let the enemy build up momentum.





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