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Eidos / 2000-05-22

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

Designed by the legendary John Romero, Daikatana is a first person perspective action, which takes the 3D shoot'em up genre into a new dimension.

Players assume the role of Hiro, traveling through time with his two sidekick, the beautiful, yet lethal Mikko and the powerful mercenary Superfly Johnson. The player must lead this team, interacting with them to guide them through perilous worlds, exploring vast levels that are filled with an array of intelligent enemies.
In their quest to save history players will journey through four different time periods, traveling from mythical Greece to a post apocalyptic San Francisco 500 years in the future. Battling over 60 different monstrous enemies with more than 30 different weapon types, breaching obstacles and unearthing secret locations.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Start the game with the command-line parameter +set console 1. Then during 
gameplay, press ~ and type 'cheats on' to enable cheat mode. Now enter any of 
the following "Codes": 

Code	Result
god  	God Mode
health #  	Increase Health by # (100+)
weapon_give_#	Give Weapon # (1-10)
massacre	  Kill All Enemies on Level
notarget   	Invisibility
noclip     	No Clipping
cheats 0   	Disable Cheats
cam_toggle 	Cycle 3 Camera Views
cam_nextmon	Focus Camera on Next Enemy
screenshot  	Take Screenshot
g_unlimited_ammo 1	Unlimited Ammo
rampage 	Rampage Mode





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