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Cossacks- The Art of War

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Cossacks- The Art of War

CDV Software / 2002-03-28

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

After the worldwide hit Cossacks: European Wars comes the expanded Cossacks: The Art of War. The focus is on an improved and more dynamic single player mode with adjustable difficulty. In addition to that the internet play and community features were greatly improved allowing players to check out each others histories and review recorded games.

New units, nations, ships, a map editor, joining forces with the computer and exchanging resources all together take Cossacks to a new level.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

During gameplay press 'Enter' and enter one of these codes press 'Enter' again to activate:

Code - Result
izmena - Switch to other players by clicking their color
multitvar - Access other players units by pressing "P"
supervizor - Toggle show entire map
www - The above 3 cheats combined
money - Give 50000 Wood, Food, Stone, Gold, Iron and Coal
VICTORY - Win level (case sensitive)





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