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Civilization 2

Microprose / 1996-08-30

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Ultimate Version of the Best-Selling Strategy Game. More challenging and exciting than the original, Sid Meier's Civilization II is the sequel to the mega-hit, award-winning classic Sid Meier's Civilization. Build an empire to span history and make every critical social, economic and political decision. Full-motion video brings to life 28 Wonders of the World, including Leonardo da Vinci's workshop, the Statue of Liberty and many more. Features - Compete against history's greatest leaders. Negotiate with rival empires. Control all social, economic and political decisions. Construct Wonders of the World. Command powerful armies. Devise and control technology. Influence history's landmark events. Enjoy all new graphics.

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You can build roads and railroads on the ocean. Get a settler or and engineer into a vessel, go to the position in which you would like to build the road or railroad. Press R. You will gain the benefits of having roads and railroads on the ocean of extra trade.





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