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Carnivores- Ice Age

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Carnivores- Ice Age

Atari / 2001-01-15

Sports / Sports - Hunting & Fishing

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And you thought all frozen wastelands were alike…

Begin your adventure on a chilling journey through the prehistoric landscape of the Ice Age World. Take on massive wooly mammoths, dangerously skillful saber-tooth tigers, wild boars and a special creature so dangerous, it will kill anything that moves! This is a journey like no other. Utilize your full cache of weapons and equipment as you commence your icy hunt, keep a steady aim and a cool head - your very life depends on it!

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2008-06-21 00:00:00

SHIFT+L= Fly on or off


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Debug Mode
Type in "debugup" during play to get debug mode. You will see coordinates 
appear in the top right hand corner and Dinos will ignore you unless you shoot

Keys to use while in debug mode:

CTRLRun Faster 
SHIFT+S   Slow Motion 
CTRL+N    Long Jumps 
SHIFT+T   Show Frame Rate 
TAB Full Map 





Carnivores Ice Age s0 Carnivores Ice Age s1

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