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Blitzkrieg 2

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Blitzkrieg 2

CDV Software / 2005-09-26


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The real enemy is out there!Product InformationBlitzkrieg II offers a tremendous focus on new strategic opportunitiesglobal war and the gritty realism of historically accurate battles of WWII. Onthe side of Soviet Armed Forces US Army or German Wehrmacht you plan entireoperations and lead your men into fierce action choosing reinforcements andutilizing a wide range of new weapons in three full-blown campaigns spanning theglobe. A new graphics engine puts you in control of the bloodiest conflict ofthe past century.Decide what missions to play accumulate and call in multiple types ofreinforcements capture train stations or airfields to receive more troops byrailroad an achieve air supremacy. Accomplish tactical objectives and missionsto support your war efforts at a strategic level and dominate decisive battlesthroughout the games campaigns.Promote and assign commanders to combat units as you expand your tacticaladvantage with over 50 unique skills and real-life abilities. Order engineers toplant TNT charges and blast passing enemy units use linked grenades for extradamage suppress infantry with flak fire and master combat techniques newlyintroduced in Blitzkrieg II.The Philippines Iwo Jima Tobruk Moscow Stalingrad Ardennes - fight onevery major front of WWII. From the heart of Europe to the deadly jungle islesof the Pacific campaigns span the globe with each mission offering a uniquechallenge. Mission goals vary from counter attacks and air warfare to covert opsand amphibious landings.Access hundreds of authentic weapons from the "Satan" flamethrowertank to the Tiger II and T-35 monsters. New weaponry includes "Zero"fighters V-2 ballistic missiles and 305-mm railroad guns. Make use of specialforces sappers assault engineers and even guard dogs!Product Features Stunning full 3D interactive environment with true Line Of Sight and Line of Fire Fight day and night under any climatic conditions on

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