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Blair Witch Volume 3- Elly Kedward

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Blair Witch Volume 3- Elly Kedward

Take2 Interactive / 2000-11-19


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Game Details

Elly Kedward is at the heart of the legend spun by the horror film The Blair Witch Project. Soon after she was accused of witchcraft and banished from the Blair Township, children started disappearing. The frightened townsfolk quickly left Blair to settle in Burkittsville. You'll play as Jonathan Pyre, the town's former pastor, who has become its chief witch hunter. And to fight a power this evil, you're going to need all the magic you can acquire.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Cheat mode
Press [F10] during game play, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code - Effect
iamawimpforthis - 100 Bullets
getintomybelly - All Weapons
bighead - Big Head mode
blank - Black, hot pink, and gray objects
sunofgod - Charge Radiance Emitter
instantcrash - Crash game
mediumrare - Crossbow
itisdarknow - Darker color scheme
dark - Darker graphics
hellfreezeover - Disable enemy AI
gibnplenty - Dismemberment mode
goodtimesman - Dynamite
combatisscary - Easy combat
isuck - Easy difficulty
puzzlesarescary - Easy puzzles
smileynomore - Elephant Gun
burnyourassoff - Flamethrower
flameonastick - Flaming ammunition
givemefaith - Full health
thedogfarted - Gas Mask
irule - Hard difficulty
iworkforgod - Invincibility
nod3d - Invisibility
vampbeware - Lith Bullets
demonbeware -Mercy Bullets
icansee - Night Vision Goggles
recharge -Recharge flashlight battery
bigstickofdeath -Shotgun
wwbeware - Silver Bullets
time - Slow down or speed up time
snowstorm - Snow after some time
t2000 - Terminator 2 skin texture
meetmypaltommy - Tommygun
thunderstorm - Weather is raining
goneawhile - Unknown
raise - Unknown
nukefart - Unknown
oldhat - Unknown
step - Unknown





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