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Black and White

Electronic Arts / 2001-03-26

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

Be Good. Be Evil. Be A God.

Control the destiny of an entire world. Use your powers to look after your people, perform miracles, and extend your influence.

Your followers will pray to you to make them rich, harm their neighbors, or simply make their lives easier. Whether you choose to listen is up to you.

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Reply #7

2009-02-02 00:00:00

On the 4th level (fireballs from the sky), catch a fireball that is coming down the same way you would catch a ball. Then, use that fireball to "soak up" others. In between fireball storms, build your houses as far away toward the other village as you can. Send your creature to infulence that village. Solve the riddle for the guardian stone under the shield and that will stop the fireballs.

Reply #6

2008-03-19 00:00:00


nemanja allmighty
Reply #5

2008-03-19 00:00:00

Can someone please tell me how to break the curse in the vilage in the 4th world (land). Than you....

nemanja allmighty
Reply #4

2004-03-10 00:00:00

The unlimited Food and Wood does to work. i tried it and it works just fine, but sometimes it doesnt work. and you can do the same with the food mirical to feed the worshipers, you have to do it a few times to get it right and you will have a huge pile of food for them.

these things really work.

Reply #3

2003-12-10 00:00:00

Actually the quick-clicking trick works too well; I got addicted to it and then installed the patch and now I can't do it anymore...I'm pretty helpless without my infinite food and wood supplies.

Reply #2

2003-12-01 00:00:00

Any cheat for unlimted food or wood by holding the miracle over the door of the village store and rapidly dropping it in, does not work

andy westfall
Reply #1

2003-12-01 00:00:00

On the first island ,after you get your creature and you see a large boatframe on the coast, you can talk to three people. Kill the one with an acordian and the others will say "Oh my god you killed Kennith

andy westfall

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Since navigation is such a big part of this game,
personalizing control is key to your success and enjoyment of the game. While point and click control is well developed, we found that it is quicker to assign movement to the keyboard. Map the movement controls to the AWSD buttons, like a first person shooter. Set Q and E for camera rotation, and R and F to change pitch. This will make controlling your god hand quick and easy, and keep your other hand free to use the two-button mouse and zoom wheel.
Double-clicking is another great way to move around the map and quickly zoom in on action you want to be a part of. Whenever moving around the map, zoom out and tilt down to get a bigger perspective. It will save you a lot of time and frustration to see the whole island and simply click to the region you want to be in. While your powers only work within areas you control, you can affect areas outside of your domain for a very brief period of time. By quickly crossing outside of your realm of influence, you can grab valuable resources and even rival villagers that you can convert or sacrifice to gain more Miracle power.

Extra wood/food:
If you have got trouble on your amount of wood/food, I'll help you out!!
K, here's how to do it: Activate a wood/grain miracle and got to the workshop, or the village store. If you want much wood in the workshop; hold you hand above the building(above the chimney)and start clicking the cast-button, not holding, but CLICKING. You'll get up to 25.000 wood out of it!!!
This is also doable with the village store, here you'll have tto hold your hand above the little hut that's with the supplies.
You can also make lots of wood and food, by activating a food or wood miracle and then tap gently on top of the door on the food storage in the town workshop. You will make lots of wood and food and you lose almost no mana.

Infinite Water Miracles
Use the following trick to get unlimited Water Miracles on the first level. At the place where there is the first silver reward, scroll on land one. After completing it, knock over the rock again and it will turn into a Water Miracle.

Alter time
Hold [Al
and press 1 to slow down time or hold [Al and press 2 to speed up time.

If you search for the file names.txt in your Black directory, you will be able to edit this list of names that are allocated to your villagers. Make sure that you type how many names are in the list on the first line of the text file, so if you had 50 names in your list, the first line would read 50. Add the names of your friends, or the names of your enemies, it will add a new level of villager interaction.

April Fools Trick
During the game on april 1st (April Fools Day), Your monster will leave smiley face foot prints in the groung instead of their regular foot prints. You can change your computer's date to April 1st.

Vertigo For the Evil
Start the tutorial and wait for your conscience to stop talking. Continuously move the cursor in circles and your evil conscience's head will eventually start spinning.

When you cast miracles put your creature near to show him how to create this miracle, when he learns it at 100%, he starts casting (I suggest "Miracle Wood", "Miracle Food", "Miracle Heal"), when he learns these three miracles, send him to another village and he casts the miracles randomly gaining adepts for you (remember reward your creature, the more you reward, the more he cast miracles) I have gained an entire town only with the creature

On the first stage do the silver scroll mission above the creshe. Do it in a good god fashion [i.e let the guy go when he tells u to] and u get a super heal miracle dispenser. If u teach this miracle to ur creature and then get him to cast it [wait till he does it randomly and stroke him] u can get alot of belief this way if ur creature casts it in sick towns or non believing towns. It works best if u do not teach him normal heal. Also teach ur creature wood, food and water miracles then at the start of levels love leash him to storage yard for food and wood or fields to let him water them. If ur an evil god teach him things like fireball, lighting and so on so that when he attacks he is devastating but also teach him good things like wood heal etc so he helps ur ppl too.

get any creature you want
I know a way to get any creature you want in your game. Go to My computer, then drive C: Then Program files, Then lionhead studios ltd, Then Black & White, Then Data, Then Ctr, Then you will see a list of all the creatures in the game, to get any of these, you must swich places of one of the 3 started chars,(Ape, Cow, Tiger) by switching the name of one of them to the one you want. Then start up Black & White, Then when you make a new game and get the creature quest finished You will see the creature you want instead of the cow, or tiger or ape. Like Switching the BHorse.CBN file to the BCow.CBN file. That will switch places of both those creatures in the game.

Hint for bad god
On the second land's silver scroll challange were you have to save the village after lethys poisons the towns food, remove all of the infected food from the village store and put it somewhere safe. Next, when you try to take over an enemy's village place a small amount of the infected food in the village that you are trying to take over's store, soon all of the people will be dead and you can populate it with your own villagers. Bring this food to every land that you go to by throwing it through the vortex's and you should have enough to do this to every village you come across if you use it wisely. Not for the good god this hint.

If you search for the file names.txt in your Black directory, you will be able to edit this list of names that are allocated to your villagers. Make sure that you type how many names are in the list on the first line of the text file, so if you had 50 names in your list, the first line would read 50. Add the names of your friends, or the names of your enemies, it will add a new level of villager interaction.Go into scripts directory in the game folder. There you can change lands names to different numbers (up to five), eg: if you want land 3 to come after land 1 change its name to land 2 and land 2 to land 3...

Dungeon Keeper
This is not a cheat, but just a general comment on the game. When you first start the game and go through the tutorial, you should notice that the temple is covered with symbols from Dungeon Keeper 2.

Beach balls, bowling balls and bowling pins
Go to the God's Playground (press [F2] during a game) and exit out of the first tutorial by pressing [Esc]. Then zoom all the way out. Look for the small island off of the larger one. When you find it, zoom in on it. Rotate the camera so that you are looking at the small island and can see the large island in the distance. At the base of the small island you will see two beach balls, two bowling balls and some bowling pins with smiley faces on them.

Beat the other Gods
I figured a good way to beat the other Gods you are up against in B&W. Make sure you know how to use the practically infinite wood miracle... then make short work of the opposing God or Gods by burning down every available forest with fireballs... this is especially effective in the second and third worlds. If they can't find trees... they can't build... which means they're easily overtaken! Bwaaaaahahahaha...

Get Skeletons Living in Your Village
If you want to get skeletons living in your village then you need two things: The teleport Miracle and to be able to kill people.
Step1: Kill someone [without using fireball]
Step2: Make sure they're a skeleton [unless you want a zombie]
Step3: Make two teleporters.
Step4: Drop the person in one teleporter
Step5: When they come out they will go to sleep, let them heal themselves by sleeping and you will have a living skeleton.
If you want burnt humans then do the same thing as the skeleton but set fire to the human with a fireball and make sure they don't turn into a skeleton If you want an eternal fire then get loads of rocks in a pit and set fire to them, this will create a neverending white flame. Note: don't blow up the rocks, the burnt humans may not work sometimes.

Five Teddy Bears
To get five quite harmless yet fun to throw teddy bears, find the gold story scroll near the large crater near the Indian graveyard. Select it and do as the man says and after you finish the teddy bears will still be in the crater and available to toss about or arrange in any manner you wish.

More Bowling Balls and Bowling Pins
To find two very small bowling balls and ten downsized versions of the pins found on the small island just look near the bottom of the mountain with the Celtic Wonder on top. There should be a shallow ditch at the bottom side facing in towards the mainland where you will find the bowling balls and pins.

Another Toy Ball
To find another toy ball just go to the narrowest part of the mainland and look for a medium sized grey rock standing straight up with a very ponty tip. Hiding behind it is the toy ball.

The Angry Stone Heads of Doom
To find the two angry stone heads go to the hill near the crater talked about in how to get the five teddy bears that has a big forest atop it. If you're in the right spot you should be able to see the two angry stone heads very easily. Note that if destroying villages is your cup o' tea these stone heads are perfect for it (which is obviously why I call them the "Angry Stone Heads of Doom").

South Park Spoof
Leave the game running without taking any actions. Eventually, you will hear the advisors in a spoof of South Park.

Easy Miracles
You can teach your creature some miracles easily. Take either Food, Wood, Water, Lightning, Fireball, Teleport, or any other miracle you can use and use some/regrab it. Then put the rest back in the dish at the worship site. You will get the same amount of prayer power, so you can use it again.





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