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Ballerium is a Persistent Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Realtime-Strategy-Game, or persistent MMORTS.

Never heard of persistent MMORTS's before? That's because there aren't many around. Even those who claim to be such don't always deliver, as we will hereby explain:

Persistent means that the game and its world continue to run all the time the game is always "on," with players connecting and disconnecting (through the internet) whenever they want. Even while players are offline, the world around them continues to exist and evolve. In most cases "Persistent" means that the game world itself is run non-stop.

Ballerium is developed with an enhanced persistency capability, which means that not only is the world always on, but also any players' assets (soldiers, mines, etc) that were in it at the time of disconnection, continue to fight, walk, and produce resources almost as if the player was there.

This also takes care of those cases when players are suddenly disconnected from the internet during gameplay, reducing the chances of a loss due to technical reasons.

Massive-Multiplayer means that a LOT of players can play Ballerium at the same time. How much is a lot? There are no real boundaries. Usually games consisting a couple of thousands of players are considered to be massively multiplayer games, while games consisting of several dozens of players aren't.

Ballerium can potentially support any number of players.

Realtime-Strategy (or RTS) means that the gameplay resembles that of the well-known RTS Genre, in which each player recruits and commands a number of units, with whom he or she tries to, well, take over the world (or something like that).

Such a game usually involves the obtaining, management and allocation of resources, and waging war.
RTS games rely on realtime rather than turn-based decision-making.

Ballerium tries to extend the genre by reinventing some of the RTS aspects.


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