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2004-07-21 00:00:00

I have a quite big amount of cheat codes to give to your site.

Heal yourself
speed up time one hour

shld25- Shield of harmony
hamm09- Crom Faeyer
bow15- Taulmaril +3
bow19- Short bow of gesen
brac10- gauntlets of weapon expertise
sw1h15,16- Drizzt's scimitars
boot01- boots of speed
plat16- armor of the hart
slng07- sling +2
sw1h32- Dragonslayer
sw1h51- celestial fury
ring39- Ring of gaxx
ring31- ring of regeneration
staf11- staf of the magi
clck15- robe of the good archmagi
clck16- neutral archmagi
clck17- evil archmagi
clck26- cloak of mirrors
scrl77- Magic missiles
scrl83- chromatic orb
scrl1g- fireball
scrl1d- clairvoyance
amul21- amulet of protection
amul17- protects against mind control
bull03- bullet +2 or 3
bag02- scroll case
bag03- bag of holding
bag04- gem bag
misc7t- Golden lion figurine
misc3d- Moon dog figurine

Ideal things to get if you are a mage in bg2


uddrow27- drow warrior, it has drow full plate +5 and flail
drow01- it has a drow long sword +3 and drow elven chain
drow02- it has a drow scimitar +3 and drow elven chain
drow03- drow priestess
ogre01- a nasty ogre

put these cheats on your site, even the one about an ideal mages equipment. It will help a lot.

Joe cho

Joe Cho

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Please help contribute to our Baldurs Gate 2 cheat codes page by submitting your own cheats, hints, strategies, glitches, faqs, walkthroughs and other content related to this game.


Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Open the Baldur.ini file with notepad, look for a heading called [Program 
Options]. Under this heading type: Debug Mode=1, then save and exit. Start your 
game of BG2 as normal and in game press Control+Space to activate the console. 

Console Cheats (Must be entered exactly as shown): 

XP For Your Group
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XP amount here") press enter to activate. Note the XP 
Cap in BG2 is 2,950,000--do not use commas in the XP amount. 

CLUAConsole:AddGold("Amount of gold here") press enter to activate.
 Note, as in the XP amount-DO NOT USE COMMAS! 

NOTE: You can give XP to a single or all party members. Click once on the 
character you wish to give xp to and then enter the XP cheat while their 
portrait is highlighted. To give all party members XP click the little square 
box in the lower right of you display and you will see all your characters 
portraits highlighted. Open the console and enter the code. 

Create Items
CLUAConsole:CreateItem("item code here",quantity here) then press enter.
No commas in the quantity #. 

Here is an example using the identify scroll code. 


This will place 100 Identify scrolls in your lead characters pack. Note that 
any magical items you create need to be identified before you get the benefits 
of using them. 

List of Items

chan06--Drizzt's +4 Chainmail
leat08---Studded Leather +3:Shadow Armor
plat05--Full Plate +1
helm04--Helm of Defense
shld04--Medium Shield +1
shld06--Large Shield +1
shld17--Buckler +1
ring07--Ring of Protection +2
ring08--Ring of Wizardry
brac14--Bracers of Defense AC 4
clck02--Cloak of Protection +2
belt06--Girdle of Hill Giant Strength
boot01--Boots of Speed
staf08--Martial Staff +3
hamm08--War Hammer +2
sw1h09--Short Sword +2
sw1h40--Blade of Roses(LongSword +3 +2Cha)
sw1h49--Ninja-To +1
sw2h09--Warblade(2-H sword +4)
bow18--Shortbow +2
bow17--Longbow +2
slng03--Sling +3
ax1h03--Battle Axe +2
halb03--Halberd +2 

Create Creatures
CreateCreature("creature reference number goes here")
This will give you Monsters to fight. Here is a few samples: 

dragred=Red Dragon
dragblac=Black Dragon
dragsilv=Silver Dragon
dempi01=Pit Fiend
uddeath=Demon Knight

Move to Area
MoveToArea("area reference number goes here")
This will warp you to any area in the game. Be careful to have all your Party 
members selected first. Here is a few sample places. You can get the area 
number of any Area by hitting the x key. 

Temple District=AR0900
Graveyard District=AR0800
Slums District=AR0400
Waukeens Promenade=AR0700
Government District=AR1000
Bridge District=AR0500
Docks District=AR0300
Umar Hills=AR1100
The Nine Hells=AR2900
Domain of the Dragon=AR1201
Asylum Dungeon=AR1512
Bodhis Dungeon=AR0801
Astral Prison=AR0516
Planar Sphere=AR0411
Cult of the Unseeing Eye=AR0202
Rift Dungeon=AR0204
Demon Outerworld=AR0414
De'Arnise Hold=AR1300
Druids Grove=AR1900 

Max Stats
When generating a character and if you have debug mode=1 or cheats=1 and you 
press CTRL+SHFT+8 it will max your stats. If you decrease some stats before 
doing this you can take some up to 19 for races that allow 19 (like elf 


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