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Army Men- World War

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Army Men- World War

3DO / 2000-05-03

Action / Adventure

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Game Details

War has been declared and it's up to you to lead the Green Army in a vicious battle against the Tan nemesis. Carefully guide your troops through a deadly barrage of enemy fire in over fifteen intense missions. Only the best military minds will prevail in this blazing battle of ground-based infantry. Tons of weapons are at your disposal: call in strategic air strikes, a swarm of paratroopers, or pierce enemy plastic from a distance with your sniper rifle.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

To activate cheat mode, type:
!throw me a frickin bone here 
Then you may type any of the codes below: 
Code   	Result
!when all else fails...  	Unknown Effect
!whistle and flute  	Give Unit Flak Jacket
!i woke up this morning 	Give Unit 9 Blue Disguise
!incognito     	Give Unit 9 Grey Disguise
!full monty   	Unknown Effect
!game over    	Unknown Effect
!mib	Unknown Effect
!this one goes to eleven	Give Unit 3 Airstrike (Napalm)
!scotty  	Unknown Effect
!hey stifler  	Unknown Effect
!one time...  	Unknown Effect
!spiny norman  	Unknown Effect
!let me down 	  Un-do Disguises
!pump me up  	Increase Soldiers Speed
!mojo     	Unfreeze Enemies
!oh behave  	Freeze Enemies
!rate me 	Debug Mode
!roody-pooh   	Give Unit Unlimited Air Attack
!the meek    	Fail Mission
!cut to the chase   	Complete Mission
!stay frosty    	Unknown Effect
!henry	Unknown Effect
!harsh language   	Unknown Effect
!here's a lockpick...    	Unknown Effect
!vic fontaine 	Unknown Effect
!halloween	    Unknown Effect
!time for bed   	Kill Selected Units
!mona lisa    	Random Item/Effect
!florence    	Give Unit Unlimited Plastic Mending Kit
!johnny rico   	Unknown Effect
!peep show     	Give Unit 3 Recons
!heavenly glory    	Give Unit 3 Airstrike (Bombing)
!yippee!!!    	Give Unit Sniper Riple w/Unlimited Ammo
!penny   	Unknown Effect





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