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Step almost 30.000 years into the future, to an age where common surgical implants and microscopic nanobots can relieve most forms of human suffering... or transform even a child into a weapon of destructive force.

On the planet of Rubi-Ka, a battle rages between the haves and have-nots in a time when clans seek liberation from the all-powerful Omni-Tek Corporation in the name of justice; voluntarily if possible, from the barrel of gun if necessary. The leaders of both sides are desperately seeking a solution to stop the violence ravaging the planet, against a backdrop of war and betrayal, military raids and conniving political games, cyborg assassins and modified humans.

Compete and cooperate with thousands of players simultaneously in an elaborate science fiction world of cutting-edge graphics and sound. Join humanity nearly 30.000 years in the future in a world of perpetual conflict and scientific achievement.

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2010-03-04 00:00:00

This Anarchy Online cheat is for Fast XP at low levels.

Works for Omni better than it does for neut/clan

When you're off newbie island you go to one of the backyards.

For omni just find your way into Rome there are plenty.

Once in a backyard talk to the guide.

Say you want to learn, she will give you a quest now if your omni you will see a blue teleporter with HOLO world above it walk through and wait 'til you change area.

After Just do what the mission says, Kill a leet, kill 3 leets, and find the second hand pedler.

It gives you around 2k xp for doing the quest which is a lot for levels under 20 because the subway where most people go only gives around 200 xp per kill and you risk the chance of dying.

When you do the guide quest you kill level 1's and you don't have the risk of dying.

Most importantly Have fun!

Found this at

Reply #2

2008-07-17 00:00:00

If u take any sword then do the drink emote the sword goes through ur head lol

Reply #1

2005-01-03 00:00:00

Once you are ready to leave noob island ,go to "clan" recruit and get your key and map .Then go through the portal that says Athens.Once in athens Find a doorway that says Apartment complex 3 .once inside ther is a guide in a blue dress to your left. Right click on her and she will ask you a few questions...pick "I want to know how to play this game "..then she well give more options "I prefer doing tasks" She will then give you a simple mission to kill a leet which you can do just a little further inside same area at the training area after you kill leet you will recieve a considerable amount of xp and some will then give you a new mission to kill 3 leets .also awarding a nice catch of xp and creds..Finally one more mish to target "second Hand Peddler" wich is located in the same training area "top right side from entry" this mish will give you a mess of xp and even more creds...the beauty of this cheat can do it over and over and over..... you will be lvl 20 in one day easy.OH and the more you lvl the more you recieve for missions.The whole process takes mabie 3 or 4 min and can be repeated endlessly my knowlege.
Happy Gaming..!!


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Save state
Any time you want to save your current character state, to protect from crashes, open your skill menu and click accept. This will save your character's experience total, and will load from this point in case of a crash.

Dealing with glitched mission objectives
During some live-with missions, the objective NPC will be stuck behind a wall, and can't be targeted. You might see him briefly, but can't maintain a lock because he's behind a wall. To complete your objective, walk towards the wall and use the /kneel emote, to see through the wall. You can then click on him, and complete the mission.





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