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Anacapri: The Dream

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Anacapri: The Dream

Got Game / 2007-09-12


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In the role of Dr. Nico N, an expert in ancient civilizations, you are beckoned to AnaCapri, a place of beauty, lore, and mystery. Here, you must find the Black Obsidian Disk  an ancient artifact once believed lost to the ages. Legends speak of the Disk possessing untold power and a malevolent past. As fear of the Disk grips AnaCapri and its people, you search the island, from the mesmerizing depths of the Blue Grotto to the panoramic gardens of Villa San Michele. But will you find the Disk and uncover its secrets…before it's too late?

First person Mystery-Adventure game

Intriguing storyline combining fantasy, history, and modern-day AnaCapri

Logical and integrated puzzles

Colorful characters drawn from the island’s past and present

More than 8,000 beautiful images

50+ hours of gameplay

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