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American McGees Alice

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American McGees Alice

Electronic Arts / 2000-12-04

Action / Adventure


Game Details

When Alice is summoned to return to Wonderland, she can barely recognize the place. From the fungal rot of the Mushroom Forest to the chemistry of the Mad Hatter's Domain, Wonderland festers to its very core. Undaunted by the diseased ambiance and mortal danger that surround her, Alice must set out to undo the chaos.


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Get Small When you must find some stuff for the drink to be small. Collect all these stuff then go to the libary and go to the book that you have dropped. Then push the console button and type small but better. Press enter 20 times, exit console and the cheat will be activated. You will getting small and always the alice with horns.

cheats Remember to turn on the console in the game options. Bring the console window up (press "~") and type:
wuss - Get all weapons

god - Toggle god mode

noclip - Toggle no clip

health # - Set Health to # (100=Full)

notarget - Invisibility

give all - All weapons and ammo

eventlist - Display all possible cheat/console codes you can use

cg_3rd_person 0 - Enables first person view

cg_cameradist -45 - First Person View

cg_cameradist 128 - Normal View

give [itemname] - Give Item [itemname]

map [mapname] - Jump to Map [mapname]

Item Names: w_knife.tik, w_cards.tik, w_mallet.tik, w_jackbomb.tik, w_eyestaff.tik, w_icewand.tik, w_jacks.tik, w_blunderbuss.tik, w_demondice.tik (note: This command or give all must be used multiple times to get all three Demon Dice), w_ragebox.tik

Map Names: gvillage, pandemonium, fortress1, fortress2, skool1, skool2, potears1, potears2, potears3, utemple, garden1, garden2, garden3, garden4, centipede1, centipede2, wforest$wforest_start1, wchess1, wchess2, rchess, funhouse, hatter1, hatter2, jlair1, jlair2, wforest$wforest_start2, hedge1, tower1, hedge2, tower2, hedge3, tower3, grounds1, grounds2, facade, keep, qlair




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