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Amazons and Aliens

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Amazons and Aliens

Simon & Schuster / 2000-09-17

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Game Details

Three interplanetary storks are travelling through space with three baby races for three separate worlds. As they pass over a deserted planet they decide to drop all three at once so they can have a few drinks at the Stork Club. Now these three life forms have to learn to live with one another and use the resources on the planet to live ? or kill each other and rule the planet alone! Players can play one of three races ? Pimmons (blue aliens proficient in store work), Amazons (humanoid babes) or the Sajikis (a ravenous insect race). Once a race is chosen the player begins construction of their main building, eventually moving onto other buildings and houses later. Breeding begins and soon a colony is established. The player must have the inhabitants trained in school so they can become masons, woodcutters, researchers, etc. By using these skills, the player will grow the nation and eventually, be able to do combat with neighboring colonies.

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