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Age of Empires- Rise of Rome

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Age of Empires- Rise of Rome

Microsoft / 1999-07-01

Strategy / Real Time Strategy

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Reply #8

2009-03-09 00:00:00

chariot archers fire faster: upsidflintmobile

jaden hatchell
Reply #7

2009-03-09 00:00:00

upgrade heavy catapults big bertha

cooper purcell
Reply #6

2009-03-09 00:00:00

win campaign i r winner

rob daniels
Reply #5

2005-01-19 00:00:00

pepperoni pizza gives 1000 food not 100
never have more the 1 bigdaddy cus they kill each other
and its steroids tht akes u build instantly not steroid and i dont know if i saw this 1 but i think i did dark rain (note: im not sure weathr theres a space or not) make all archers trees as camouflage though there still archers oh only use this cheat on custom made games with no trees or u see tht u dont know where half your men are

info bout game cheat corrections
Reply #4

2005-01-19 00:00:00

black riders also become catapults when they die (note: you can double this cheat by also using big momma so that black riders become big mommas wen they die)

o and
Reply #3

2004-08-15 00:00:00

convert this!-powerful priest
pow-baby on a tricycle wit super gun
diediedie-all enemys die
home run-win level(use only wen level getting hard!!!!)
pepperoni pizza-+1000 food
coinage-+1000 gold
woodstock-+1000 wood
quarry-+1000 stone
hoyohoyo-normal priest's get 600health and get a 100% turbo
jackbenimble-stonethrowers,catapults etc.throw cows and people
king arthur-turns eagles to dragons
big daddy-car with slow nuke launcher
big momma-car with fast launcher
grantlinkspence-turns animals to animal kings!
e=mc2 trooper-creat a super trooper
reveal map-show the whole map
no fog-no fog(do this after you do the cheat called reveal map)
photon man-get a nuke trooper(nuke means nuclear)
gaia-control animals not humans
hari kari-commit suicide(DONT DO IT!!!!!)
flying dutchmen-turns catapult ships and juggernuts to flying duthmen(you gotta do this cheat!!)
steroids-fast building and upgrades wen you type it so does your enemy(use at your own risk!!)
killx-kill a player(i think)
bigbertha-Wicked dangerous catapults(use em at your own risk!!!)
icbm-100 range for ballistas(use it all the time!!)
darkrain-compost archers become trees(its a good cheat it turns them to stealth archers their stronger)
black rider-turns horse archers to blackriders(a bad cheat use at your own risk!)

Reply #2

2004-04-10 00:00:00

flying dutchman-put juggernauts fliyng

Reply #1

2003-12-13 00:00:00

pepperoni pizza 1000 food


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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

Many Cheat Codes 
To use these codes, press ENTER while playing, type in the desired code, then
press ENTER again. 

STORMBILLY	 		Gives you a powerful robot 
CONVERT THIS!		  Gives you a very powerful priest 
BIG MOMMA			Sportscar with a nuke launcher 
POW				Baby on a tricyle with a super gun 
KING ARTHUR			Turns the eagle into a dragon 
no effect on the game) 
GRANTLINKSPENCE		  Turns Animals to Animal Kings 
DIEDIEDIE			All opponents Die 
E=MC2TROOPER  Create a Super Trooper 
RESIGN			  Resign 
REVEAL MAP			Show entire map 
PEPERONI PIZZA		  get 100 food 
COINAGE			  get 1000 gold 
WOODSTOCK			get 1000 wood 
QUARRY  		  get 1000 stone 
PHOTON MAN			Get Nuke Trooper 
GAIA				You control animals 
HARI KARI			commit suicide 
FLYING DUTCHMEN		  Catapult ships can go on land 
NO FOG 			  no fog of war 
STEROID			  Speople and buildings instantly created 
BIG DADDY 			fast rocket launcer car 
KILLX				kill player X 
HOMERUN			  win scenario 
BIG BERTHA			Strong heavy catapults 
ICBM				100 range for Ballistas 
HOYOHOYO			faster, stronger priests 
DARK RAIN			Composite bowmen turn to trees 
BLACK RIDER			Horse arcers become black riders 





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