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911 Paramedic

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911 Paramedic

Sierra / 2002-02-12


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Game Details

From the Creators of the Best-Selling Emergency Room Series. 911 Paramedic combines dramatic medical cases realistic tools and procedures and photo-realistic injuries with unique and thought-provoking gameplay.
You're a first year EMT in the Big City and you've just landed a job on the night shift. Your partner Maddog is bone weary a surviving 20-year veteran. Together you save lives and deal with challenges at the scene of some desperate medical cases.

The ambulance careens through the streets at top speed until arriving at your destination. Take stock of the situation. What medical equipment should you take with you? Will you need additional help? Determine the nature of the problem take spinal precautions and start treatment. Your job is to keep seriously ill patients alive long enough to get them to the ER and every moment counts.

In the course of your duties as a Paramedic you'll meet and treat unforgettable characters like:

Mrs. Robinson suffering from lonely old lay syndrome An alcoholic diabetic A skateboarder who chose the wrong rail to grind on The heart transplant patient who's been waiting months for a new heart A fourteen year old victim of gang violence and many more! Be vigilant - what starts out as a cut-and-dried case can quickly turn into something more depending on your actions.

Experience what it's really like to be a paramedic. It's real-life heart-pumping drama and you're always at the center of the action!

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