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3D Ultra Radio Control Racing

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3D Ultra Radio Control Racing

Vivendi Universal / 2000-08-09


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Game Details

3-D Ultra has done it again with Radio Control Racers Traxxas Edition, the intense new update to the hot-selling 3-D Radio Control Racers. Eight new tracks take you to the next level. Two completely new game modes push radio control racing to new heights. And now you can fully customize your vehicle to make your ride look as good as it performs. Put your racer to the test on 16 tracks of insane jumps, twisting turns, and off-the-wall pitfalls. Race on three indoor tracks including the Traxxas Raceway with real Traxxas intensity. Exotic plants, ancient ruins, and lava appear everywhere you go on the Aztec track. From bumper-car action to roller-coaster-style turns, you'll get your thrills on the 3-D Ultra Thrillride track. The bonus game mode RC Soccer will have you spinning your wheels on the turf for hours on end while bonus Battle Ball puts you in the pit against the odds. Go for the cup with circuit racing or jump into a quick race with no qualifying required.

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Cheat Codes / Walkthroughs

To use these cheat codes, type them in during a race (except
the MONEY code, which must be typed while in the Upgrade
menu). If you pause the game by hitting P, you can type
in the cheats while the game is paused. Typing SLIPPERY,
of course, will unpause and then pause the game again,
so try to type it fast. Another good time to enter a code
is after the loading screen, just before the track announcer
shouts, “Go!”
Code ............Result

money........... $200 - See instructions below

bouncy.......... Extra springy vehicles and track boundaries

sticky............ Increased traction for all cars

slippery .........Loss of traction, like driving on ice

turbo............. Double your normal car speed

war ..............Unlimited Bottle Rockets for everyone

ghost ............All “ghosted” vehicles (no

hitme ............Aggressive computer drivers

moon ...........Reduced gravity

heavy ...........Increased gravity

Money Cheat Instructions

Unlike the other cheat codes, your name must be “i
cheat” and MONEY must be entered while you are in
the Upgrade menu.





3D Ultra Radio Control Racing s0 3D Ultra Radio Control Racing s1 3D Ultra Radio Control Racing s2

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