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Activision / 2009-10-27


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Game Details

iCarly for Nintendo DS and DSi is a party/action game based on the popular, Emmy Award-nominated iCarly, Nickelodeon's popular teenage oriented sitcom. In iCarly, the possibilities are truly endless as players help Carly, Sam, Freddie, Carly's older brother Spencer and the other reoccurring characters from the hit TV series craft all-new webisodes of the show in an original storyline designed specifically for the game. In addition to single player action, the game contains 2-4 player multiplayer support via its several mini-games.

'iCarly' game logo
Carly's best friend Sam demonstrating a bell ringing feature in 'iCarly' for DS / DSi

All your favorite characters.
Carly on the dance floor in 'iCarly' for DS / DSi

Mini-game fun.
Playing as Freddie in a computer related mini-game in 'iCarly' for DS / DSi

Create your own skits.
The iCarly Show
In this Nickelodeon show for the information age, Carly Shay and her best friend Samantha ('Sam') turn into instant celebrities when they take a routine school assignment to the World Wide Web. Carly and sidekick Sam's regular Web casts feature everything from comedy sketches and talent contests to interviews, recipes, and problem-solving in a fun, frenetic, creative way for their web-obsessed fans.

Now you can join the cast of iCarly. Their latest web show has been deleted at the last minute and you need to help them go live by creating the new show from scratch. To do this you’ll have to both recreate your favorite skits from iCarly television show and even create all-new skits with your very own backdrops, gameplay objects, music, and more. This is a whole new iCarly experience that you can play both by yourself or with your friends.

Mini-games and iCreate Mode
iCarly is perfect fit for tech savvy teens playing on the DS or DSi. Fun and frenetic, its mini-games are presented as show skits and capture the creativity of the iCarly TV series, allowing players to work with the characters through new adventures. The innovative iCreate mode provides opportunities for gamers to add their own touches to the webisodes by swapping out props, characters, color schemes, audio, intros, outros and more. Up to four players can either compete or cooperate together to complete the skits and earn Web-Cred, which can then be used to purchase new items, props, accessories and locations from in-game websites.

Key Game Features

  • Create your very own webisodes from your favorite skits from the show featuring action like: Random dancing, Street fishing, iCrush It and more
  • The Fan Meter determines your success, progression, and unlockables content.
  • Enter the set of iCarly, a world filled with:
    • Tons of skits inspired by the show
    • Fast-paced, creative, comedic gameplay
    • Characters voiced by the iCarly cast
  • Make the skits your own by adding your own touch with intros, outros, music, green screen, sound effects, and more.
  • Play multiplayer mode with up to 3 of your friends for an even more awesome time.
  • Innovative hybrid Nintendo DSi features*
    • Use the camera to capture colors and fabrics for Carly’s wardrobe fashions
    • Create your own music for the show using the microphone
    • Help the iCarly cast unscramble pictures you’ve taken with the camera
    • Take pictures of items around you and use them as props in your own skits
*DSi features not compatible with the Nintendo DS.

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